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2675Re: [Holder12] Is a Holder Hawk 9 big enough for fathe. and is it a good boat for learning

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  • Charles Sheets
    Aug 4, 2012
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      I am not very familiar with the Hawk, but have been sailing my Holder 12 for several years. I have had myself and two grand children on board totaling almost 400 pounds. The boat was slower but still sailed great. I sit with my back to the mast while the kids do the sailing. Works for me, although the Hawk is a different boat entirely. These small boats are slow to build confidence in because they are not very stable compared to say an Omega 14.  Have patience and wear swimming gear.   Charley

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      Subject: [Holder12] Is a Holder Hawk 9 big enough for father/son and is it a good boat for learning

      Found a good deal on a Holder Hawk 9. It looks great in the photos and sounds fun for moderately accomplished sailors, but I'm looking for a boat to use to teach my kids. Is it big enough for a medium sized guy (170lbs) and a small child (9 yr old)? Also, is it stable enough to be a good learning boat? Would I be better off starting them in a slower pram like the Opti?

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