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2418RE: [Holder12] Mainsail Question for Wayne C

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  • Wayne C
    Sep 1, 2009
      Hi Dave,

      To create a halyard hauled sail out of a sleeved sail you'll need to add...

      - Mast hoops
      - A masthead block
      - A mast cleat or deck cleat
      - A halyard
      - (optional) Topping lift

      Sail supplies -



      The Gail Kellor page in Shorty's links is the one you want, but his web site
      has been down for awhile. Shorty did a tarp sail hooped on a mast with
      Zip-ties... it works but is very low budget and temporary.

      What you will be doing is making a mast hoop system like wooden dinghies use
      to use before masts with grooves for the sail luff or sleeved sails came

      Like this... this is a catboat so just look at the mast hoops, but disregard
      the upper spar.

      Sailmakers Supply has a book that covers this method.

      One thing I'm not clear on is how Gail or Shorty kept the two mast sections
      together without the sleeve covering.


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      > Dear Wayne,
      > I sailed my donated Holder 12 yesterday for the first time and
      > was amazed how fast it is!
      > There are a few bugs I need to work out though.
      > One of them is the way the mainsail is attached. As you know the
      > main is fitted over the mast ( I have the early aluminum mast-not
      > he special edition). What I found is the main keeps flapping and
      > can get a bit unruly if a breeze kicks up while one is rigging
      > the boat. I'd really like to be able to raise and lower the sail.
      > I have the write-up by Shorty Pen about rigging a halyard system
      > to his Holder. However he had a different mast and some of his
      > descriptions weren't clear to me.
      > My question is do you have a suggestion or a reference about how
      > to fit the early Aluminum masts with a halyard system?
      > Thanks Wayne.
      > Dave Ruiz
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