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2225Re: [Holder12] Re: Rudder Operation

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  • Felix Lawrence
    Mar 24, 2009
      My rudder is so old, the smaller hardware has fallen out and the screw-holes are worn too wide to replace i.  So I just use a nylon strap around the rudder to to hold it in the down position; "weather helm" is unbearable otherwise; when I approach the shore, I take the rudder off entirely.
      Let us know what your solution turns out to be.
      Fair winds.. F

      From: willeuston <weuston@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, March 24, 2009 9:06:41 AM
      Subject: [Holder12] Re: Rudder Operation


      I have an older holder that has been in storage. I am getting it ready for the warmer weather and am missing the routing of the cord. Could you send a diagram or photo? include diameter of bungee please.

      thanks, Will
      weuston@hotmail. com

      --- In Holder12@yahoogroup s.com, "Wayne C" <wayne.sc@.. .> wrote:
      > Richard,
      > To bring the rudder blade up it takes some practice to master the swift, but
      > not too jerky motion to give the blade momentum for getting beyond the
      > control rod's over-center point. Once the control rod moves beyond center,
      > letting the shock cord lower the tiller brings the blade into the up
      > position. Yup, ain't like the cat rudder - different mechanics. Mine needs
      > help too, sometimes. Works better in the water than on the trailer.
      > Sounds like there's little or no tension on your shock cord when the tiller
      > is down in the normal sailing position. Load the shock cord with the tension
      > you desire for keeping the blade in the down position when the boat's under
      > way.
      > Wayne
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      > > Subject: [Holder12] Rudder Operation
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      > > The rudder of my new 83 Holder has holes in the lower portion of the
      > > cheek plate for a bungee. When I put as large a bungee in place as the
      > > holes will allow, I still have to reach over the transom and lift the
      > > rudder to lock it in the up position. Is this normal? Also the rudder
      > > is so easily swung aft and up that I can't imagine it staying down
      > > against the force of the water while I am sailing. The rudder kick-up
      > > resistance is minimal compared to that of my Hobie Cat, is this
      > > normal? Please advise.
      > >
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