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Re: Historical Novel Society Norah Lofts

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  • Lynne Connolly
    On 06:30 01/09/2004 Meredith Whitford said ... No, I didn t read those. She kept me busy with her historicals! ... I think she was a very private person. She
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      On 06:30 01/09/2004 Meredith Whitford said
      >I couldn't say I'm "an expert" but I have read all, I think, of hers and
      >admire her books enormously. Her books are always extremely readable, and
      >have an admirable lack of sentimentality.
      >I like the thrillers she wrote as Peter ??? -- surname escapes me; will
      >forget my own name next.

      No, I didn't read those. She kept me busy with her historicals!

      >I know very little about her personally, and would like to know more, if
      >anyone here can enlighten me. I know she died not all that long ago, I
      >remember seeing it in the papers.

      I think she was a very private person. She lived in East Anglia, and
      survived to a ripe old age. There's very little about her anywhere. I would
      think the best places to look might be old newspapers, until one can
      discover her alma mater, where hopefully someone will be able to help.

      >I don't even know if her books are still in print -- I tend to pick them
      >up second hand and don't think I've ever seen them in regular bookstores,
      >except for her last one, "A Wayside Tavern".

      I don't think there are, and it's a great shame. I loved Philip Lindsay's
      books as well, but know even less about him.

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