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FS Elizabeth Peters and Anne Rice novels

  It's all about mysterious Egypt, danger, romance, and adventure!  I have a listing of Elizabeth Peters and Anne Rice novels for sale.  Prices do not
Ellen Thomasson
Jul 29

My latest effort

Smashwords – If You Go Down In The Woods – a book by Geoff Boxell ... The French invasion of England in 1215-1217 is little known fact. Helping England's
Jul 28

BSP contest if you sign up for my newsletter

To sign up, go to my website below and click on the shield. And when the next newsletter comes out Aug 1, there is a contest to win a lovely little box or some
Jeri Westerson
Jul 28

Re: Cover release

On Jul 28, 2015, at 7:22 PM, Gk Parker gk.parker.site@... [HistoricalNovelSociety] I got the cover for my upcoming novel Indifferent City and I'm in
Jeannette de Beauvoir
Jul 28

Cover release

Well, I've been back from the Historical Novel Writer's conference in Denver for a while and I'm s till taking in everything. It was great and I highly
Gk Parker
Jul 28

FS Wagon West series books by Dana Fuller Ross

Selling books from the Wagons West historical novel series by Dana Fuller Ross.  Prices do not include postage.  Please contact me off list with any
Ellen Thomasson
Jul 26

Los Angeles chapter

If you are in the Los Angeles area on Saturday July 25th, please stop by the Fairfax Library at 161 S. Gardner Street from noon to 3:00 where Helen Sedwick,
Jul 17

FS Historical fiction pirate and Viking paperbacks

I have a listing of vintage historical fiction pirate and Viking paperbacks. Prices do not include postage.  Please contact me off list with any questions or
Ellen Thomasson
Jul 8

Re: Re-enactments

Someone in the recruiting industry shared the miracle corn story on FB. It was a bit outrageous and most who read that thread quickly and politely dismissed
Yvonne LaRose
Jul 6

Re: Re-enactments

... Yvonne, I read this post with interest. I am in partial agreement: there should be an educational dimension to remembrance. And hopefully docents *do*
Jeannette de Beauvoir
Jul 6


Yvonne:>the American slave of the African Diaspora has not escaped the belittlement and marginalization.Which is why so many fought on the British side in the
Jul 5

Re: Re-enactments

I'm reaching into my conscience to attempt to come up with a response. The first thing that comes to mind is the sheer viciousness of the atrocities that
Yvonne LaRose
Jul 5


... wendlewulf@... http://GeoffBoxell.tripod.com
Jul 5

Re: Re-enactments

Very interesting post, Yvonne  Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone ... From: "Yvonne LaRose inaword_ccjp@... [HistoricalNovelSociety]"
Jul 5


There's been so much controversy for the past year here in the states that stems from our inability to manage our diversity and equally meted civil rights.
Yvonne LaRose
Jul 5
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