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Re: Fwd: Download 100,000 Art Images

It looks as if the images truly are available at no cost for any purpose. No publication fees or agents involved, though they'll charge for a resized image.
Susanne Alleyn
3:48 AM

Re: Fwd: Download 100,000 Art Images in High-Resolution from The Get

This works for research, but not printing. The resolution of these images is not print quality and to license the use of any museum piece of artwork, you have
Patricia Wynn
Mar 28

Re: Fwd: Download 100,000 Art Images in High-Resolution from The Get

Great tip! Such a trove of images Thank you, Yvonne M Conde NYC Sent from my iPhone
Mar 28

Fwd: Download 100,000 Art Images in High-Resolution from The Getty

There have been a number of questions about obtaining images; here is one good solution. Many other museums also offer use of their images. [Non-text portions
Mar 27

Re: Another Place for Images

Thanks, Yvonne. Best, Colleen Fliedner In a message dated 3/18/2015 10:31:53 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, HistoricalNovelSociety@yahoogroups.com writes: It's
Mar 19

Another Place for Images

It's something that is a bugaboo - affordable places to find images for our work. FB ad feed coughed up a new one that may be of interest to you. (Please note
Yvonne LaRose
Mar 18

History with Heart

I've just been watching the short youtube video entitled 'History with Heart'. It was inspired by Jo Beverley and put together by Jenny Barden of the RNA with
Liz Harris
Mar 13

History with Heart

As a result of an initiative to promote British Historical Romantic Fiction, the UKRomVid group was formed - and we've come up with this video:
Jenny Barden
Mar 12

Re: Idea for MG WW2 novel

With such young characters I am assuming this is NOT a war story, but a "Home Front" story? I think such a thing would be of little interest to other than
Mar 10

Idea for MG WW2 novel

Hey, folks. I've been lurking for a while but would like to share an Idea I have and get your opinions on it. For years I've had this novel in the back of my
Mar 9

Re: Most Important Words an Author/Publisher can Write

Sounds like an amazing book. Congratulations! --colleen Fliedner Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone ... From: "Alana White AWhite9414@...
Mar 6

Re: Most Important Words an Author/Publisher can Write

Wonderful article! Thanks so much... The Sign of the Weeping Virgin ~ A Mystery Novel Set in Renaissance Italy *STARRED* Kirkus Review ~ Awarded to Books of
Alana White
Mar 6

Most Important Words an Author/Publisher can Write

Almost a year ago my webmistress sent me a link to the beta version of my website, updated to include my soon-to-be-published novel Enchantress.
Mar 5

Re: Organizing research

Gads! I am so out of date. I still mostly use books, although I am finding them online now, when I used to have to travel to read them or buy them. I do still
Patricia Wynn
Mar 5

Re: organizing research

Liz, what a great idea for organizing chapters. I do something similar when I edit other authors' novels, but your chapter plan is much more useful at a
Broos Campbell
Mar 5
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