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The charging of Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik - It's just a Show?

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  • Vejay Chin
    WordPress.com The charging of Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik - It s just a Show? On Thursday(July 29, 2010), the A-G Gani Patail and his troopers smugly marched into
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      The charging of Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik - It's just a Show?

      On Thursday(July 29, 2010), the A-G Gani Patail and his troopers smugly marched into court after word was leaked that a VVIP was to be charged in court for the PKFZ scandal. The mainstream media was ready to splash the story of how the collaboration of the MACC and Police managed to identify and prosecute Tun Dr Ling for cheating the cabinet.

      RPK's Question

      RPK (Raja Petra Kamaruddin) has already written about whether Tun Dr Ling cheated the Malaysian Government  or whether it was the BN Malaysian Government that was cheating Malaysians. The cabinet papers reveal all!

      The scenario is set for the A-G, PDRM and the MACC to look good. The BN politicians then blare their trumpets of how clean, impartial and transparent the BN Government is. How independent the enforcement agencies have been. How the trinity of the A-G, the Police and the MACC are serious about tackling corruption. How there is no selective prosecution as shouted about by the opposition and alternative media. Is something amiss here? Indeed, this is just another Public Relations and image building exercise!

      Will the picture become clearer if I tell you that since thursday, the Malaysian Law Conference (MLC) is being held at the KL Convention Centre? The day Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik was charged was coincidentally the opening day of the MLC. The MLC is attended by hundred of the imminent legal brains of the world. What better way to change perception and impriove image than  before a congregation of the world's best judges, lawyers and law enforcers? Brilliant plan! That's why Fox and Apco are paid millions to capitalise on these things.

      MACC reimaging itself

      The MACC has turned the MLC into an extension of its image building road show. That is why, today at 12.45pm, MACC's  head honcho, Dato' Abu Kassim Mohamed, will be the main speaker for the Plenary Session. So the plot in the script is pretty easy - diffuse the situation by charging a retired politician with a Tun and all is well. The world media will be awed. The world's legal minds will be impressed. The opposition's mouths will be shut tight. All this is then nothing more than a show!

      And why all this show? Because at 4.15pm Anwar Ibrahim will be closing the MLC. The BN government through the AG, the Police and the MACC wants to steal the thunder from Anwar Ibrahim. They had to do this after the PM Najib declined to open the MLC upon being told that Anwar Ibrahim would close it. So, at the last minute the Malaysian Bar had to slot in The Honourable Michael Kirby Former Justice of the High Court of Australia to deliver the key note address on the Rule of Law. It would be embarrassing for PM Najib to talk about the Rule of Law. Nay! it would be ironic and a comedy, given what is happenning in the country, given PM Najib is the central figure in the Altantuya murder, the Scorpene submarines, the Felda's finances and, of course most importantly, Sodomy II. Najib has all that in his hands.

      No wonder Anwar's trial will resume on Monday 2nd August in order to embarrass him when he appears at the MLC. Hopefully, Anwar will realise this show being put up by the Unholy Trinity of the AG, the Police and the MACC, and will turn the tables on them. Hopefully, Anwar will deliver a performance in his closing speech that will receive a standing ovation as how good shows should end.

      Hopefully, Anwar can help re-write the script of our country so that there is genuine change; so that there is Rule of Law; so that there is truth and decency; so that there is equality amongst Malaysians as one united people regardles of colour, race, or religion; so that our country can stand tall again amongst the nations of the world. We hope and dream for all that so that we have continued faith. So that none of these is just a show!

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