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  • Vejay Chin
    [Attachment(s) from Vejay Chin included below] This letter was written by an aspiring medical student who is facing financial difficulties in continuing her
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      This letter was written by an aspiring medical student who is facing financial difficulties in continuing her 4th to 6th year medicine in Romania.

      To all well wishers and kind online members, please do the needful to help this girls.

      ............ ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... ..... ......... .......

      Dear All,

      I am very pleased to write a letter in support of my application to this beneficial scholarship program.

      I’m Syamala Devi Mani, 27 years old, who is currently pursuing my 4th year medicine studies in University of Medicine a Pharmacy of GRT Popa, Iasi, Romania.

      My father
      who was former ‘Police bantuan’ & later Tamil Nesan newspaper reporter passed away 19 years ago on 16th May1991.

      I have another 2 brothers & 2 sisters and I’m the eldest in my family.

      It happened suddenly when I was just 8 years old and my youngest brother was 1 month old newborn baby.

      My mom was working to raise all of us. 

      When I reached 14 years old I started to work part time in order to buy my own school uniforms, books and other items.

      This is how all of us started to work by our own while studying.

      After finishing my STPM examination, I had the intention to fulfill my father’s dreams of becoming a doctor.

      I always had a little wish in my bottom of my heart to continue my education in medicine as a career (doctor).

      Unfortunately, after my STPM, I didn’t have sufficient money to continue.

      Furthermore my siblings were still studying.

      So I had no other better choice, but to take a 2 ½ years gap and to work in Nationwide Courier Service Centre, Shah Alam, Selangor to reduce my mom’s burden and to help my siblings to finish their high schools.

      Then, I continued with my A levels programme doing a part time job as a home tutor.

      Finally I managed to save a little and decided to apply to Romania Medical University to pursue my studies in medicine.

      But the sad part was, I was still short of more than RM20000.

      With some hope, my beloved family decided to send me overseas to Romania for studies.

      Since they couldn’t come up with the full cash for my studies, they had to borrow money from a money lender friend with an interest of 10% pa.

      Finally, I flew from Malaysia on the 28th December 2006.

      And that was the last day I saw my beloved family.

      When I came abroad, I managed to find an alternative route to earn money, that's to work in neighboring countries, the nearest being United Kingdom as one of my choice.

      So, I decided to try my luck in United Kingdom to work in summer and to earn extra income.

      I managed to earn around 2000 GBP in 2 ½ months and that’s how I managed to pay my school fee which was 3600 USD on my 2nd and 3rd year of medicine studies.

      Bad luck hit again, the school fees were increased to 3600 Euro on my 4th year of studies.

      Then all of a sudden, the government of United Kingdom enforced another new rule where temporary workers are not allowed to work anymore in their country.

      So I was not able to work anymore.

      I’m in my 4th year and still need another 2 years of medical school fees & accommodation.

      When I was in Malaysia,  I tried so many scholarship programs and loans but not successful.

      They refused to give me a loan because the university is only recognized under 2nd schedule of Malaysian Medical Association, which is partially recognized at hat time.

      Whereby, I have to sit for my qualifying exam to practice in Malaysia later.

      Therefore, I humbly appeal to the general public to help me with my financing to finish my balance of 2 years in medical school.

      I have attached together my CV, passport copy, offer letter, fee structure, and bank details as proof of me studying in this medical faculty as a medical student.

      May God Bless All.

      To: "Vejay Chin" <vejay.chin@yahoo. com>
      Date: Thursday, 25 March, 2010, 11:14 PM

      Hello sir,I have attached the ness doc's. I would be happy if i just could get my university fee's and house rent.
      My bank details :
      Branch : ISD
      Customer Accn : 125762
      Accn code: 2511   Seq: 01
      Retail number: 1257620201
      Accn holder : Mani M S Syamala Devi
      my passport : A16088945
      Iban RO64BUCUE0125762251 1EU01
      My tuition Fee: 1 year (3400Euro)
      Maybank details : 112278032141
      I will be so grateful if i can get some help.


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