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Re: [HINDRAF MALAYSIA] We have Lost the "Feel Good Factor"

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  • Subramaniam Muniandy
    This community is unlikely to be saved. Too vulnarable. Power crazy. We are willing to sell our self respect and integrity to anyone who shows us some money
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 12, 2009
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      This community is unlikely to be saved. Too vulnarable. Power crazy.
      We are willing to sell our self respect and integrity to anyone who shows us some money
      and position (including titles)

      From: ksappani <ksappani@...>
      To: Hindraf@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, November 12, 2009 1:21:02
      Subject: [HINDRAF MALAYSIA] We have Lost the "Feel Good Factor"

      Dear Hindraf members,
      Many spam messages sent and have been filtered despite the home page clearly spelling out that this group messages are for dissemination of information for the socio-political empowerment of our people especially the Indians who have become the underclass in our own society.

      There may be many reasons but we have lost the "feel good factor" as the Indian. There are almost no more Indians to look up to as "people of some respectful standing" in most situations whether in the private or government institutions. In the past many people had respect for the Indians as they were served by Indians as "Doctors, Nurses, Chief Clerks, Senior Government Officers, Other Professionals, Senior Civil Servants, Professors, Headmasters, Teachers and in many other avenues such as Telekom, Tenaga, Water Board, KTM, Town Councils etc" Thanks to social engineering efforts a whole generation has grown up seeing the Indian mainly as the "odd job labourer, factory worker, road sweeper, parking attendant, driver and many other jobs not taken up by Non Indians."

      Thanks to the untiring efforts and amazing spirited parents who literally struggle, beg, borrow and literally pawn their lives to save some money to get a better education for their children as Doctors, Lawyers, Officers and others. The professionals are able to do something for themselves but others are again sidelined in the job market by subtle racist preferences in offices, there are no more seniors in almost any industry except for the few who are diehard survivors. Thanks to our community leaders for our predicament because while others have planned to uplift their communities we have become so politicised to have the most political parties?


      So this group messages are dedicated to those of HOPE, LOVE, INSPIRATION, ENCOURAGEMENT and ACHIEVEMENT for the communities. Thanks to the many non Indians too who see this predicament in our community to contribute encouraging and inspiring articles. Special thanks to our dear friends who have almost sacrificed themselves for highlighting the plight of our community.


      Kindly post all messages seeking business and networking opportunities to the many other clubs such as the MI Club etc and best wishes to you for your endeavour.


      For those of you who send regular articles, heartfelt gratitude to all of you. Those who are receiving messages as Individual messages and cluttering your mail boxes, please send a message to the moderator and the necessary changes will be done.





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