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Re: [Hero_Forge] Legalities

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  • Andrea
    Because WoTC already sent a C&D to Lone Paladin while he was developing the first version (up to .9) of HF. As soon as WoTC (Hasbro) will knew of this new
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 1, 2005
      Because WoTC already sent a C&D to Lone Paladin while he was developing
      the first version (up to .9) of HF.

      As soon as WoTC (Hasbro) will knew of this new version (finding shannon
      copy was a tad more difficult than finding this pages or Lone
      Paladin's) they will send a C&D, without even looking at our efforts to
      keep the project an "accessory" to the books…

      And WoTC is not interested in developing an an official accessory like
      this, so there's not even to think of them "helping" or accept it. Is
      possible that some people at WoTC will know (ad use!) this new version
      of HF, but if to much publicity is done over it, WoTC management will
      have to intervene to cut us down.

      So better do all the work possible to produce the accessory we want and
      have it in the wild, *then* we will bother about possible C&D…

      my 2 cents…
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      Il giorno 01/apr/05, alle 02:10, Gil Johnson ha scritto:

      > This is probably a bad idea - but I'm curious as to why it's a bad
      > idea.
      > Why not contact legal at WotC and inform them of the project, and get
      > guidelines on what can and can't be inluded in HF without clashing with
      > copyright?
      > Isn't this better than being so paranoid about an eventual C&D that we
      > don't include info that would be safe?
      > Or if they'll just C&D no matter what - better to have that fight
      > upfront
      > rather than wait till all is done and distributed and THEN get hit.
      > No?
      > -Curious g.
      >> One of the things I stressed in the beginning and I want to reaffirm
      >> again is that we do not want Heroforge to replace the books. In fact,
      >> the opposite is our desired goal. You should need to own the books in
      >> order to make full use of Heroforge. For example, all spells will
      >> simply
      >> reference a page number and a book title. Feats will have the simplest
      >> description necessary to tell what the feat does and then should also
      >> have a page reference number attached to it. Heroforge will simply be
      >> an
      >> assistant to make character creation go much faster and simpler.
      >> Nothing
      >> more.
      >> If all teams work to maintain this ideal, then the risk of getting a
      >> cease and desist will be much less. The program needs to be very book
      >> dependent for the information that is currently being included. Beyond
      >> that, there will be the capacity for the end user to input data from
      >> his
      >> home campaigns or other sources via the structure document that is
      >> being
      >> developed. Remember folks, Heroforge isn't going to do everything for
      >> you or replace the need to buy the core books and expansion books. If
      >> that is what you are hoping it will do, you are going to be
      >> disappointed.
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