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Re: [Hero_Forge] Modifying domains

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  • Logan Andrews
    As a means to help you over all as opposed to just this problem, allow me to offer up some advice I ve learned working with HF. This BTW allowed me to become
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 2, 2013
      As a means to help you over all as opposed to just this problem, allow me to offer up some advice I've learned working with HF.  This BTW allowed me to become more familiar with Excel overall.

      I started with  looking at the character sheet and using the "trace precedents" function on the formulas tab/menu.  By doing that several times following back the path, I was able to figure out where different things are sourced from.  Name Manager is also a great tool for tracing out paths.

      Also make liberal use of the help feature to determine how the formulas work.  If you come across a formula that's not listed in the help section, such as "concagitate" (spelling is probably off) then that's actually a function from the VBA side, which I know little about.

      It take a little bit to figure out what has been done.  It doesn't help that various books have been inputed by different people and thus the same result may be obtained in a couple of different ways.  But overall the spreadsheet is rather logically laid out and with a little effort, you should quickly learn to make modifications.  Just keep notes on what you do so that when you upgrade to a newer version you an go back and make your mods again easier.


      On Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 5:46 PM, Lucas DeStevens <julian_tempest@...> wrote:
      How do I modify domains?  I want to modify Trickery and Envy domain spell lists to swap out some of the spells with polymorph spells.  I will need to know how to do this in SpellForge, also.
      Also, I want to add Sense Motive to the class skills gained from Trickery, and I want to change Envy to grant +1 caster level to Polymorph spells rather than ability score damage spells.
      I've been searching through the macros and the Tables tab, but can't seem to find where this data is stored.  I'm not knowledgeable enough with Excel to know where else this data may be (ie., I don't know where DomainAbil is held, or how INDEX() works).

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