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  • Ed
    Jan 12, 2005
      The reason for this group is the recent message posted to Shannon
      Greene's website relating that he just doesn't have the time energy
      or drive to pursue Hero Forge any longer.

      I very much enjoy the spreadsheet, but I don't know much about VB or
      other types of Excel 'programming'. I also figured it would be much
      easier if there were multiple people to help share the burden of

      This group will hopefully serve to continue updating and refining
      Hero Forge, and serve as a knowledge and suggestion pool for it's
      new 'developers'.

      Since we are working with WotC's copyrighted property, I will
      reiterate that this entire project will be volunteer only, and not
      accepting any form of monetary payment or donations.

      All I am looking for is your time and knowledge.


      Ed P.