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In a Perfect World...NESARA!

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  • Metodi Kolev
    http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/53007/in_a_perfect_worldnesara.html In a Perfect World...NESARA!What was the REAL Reason Behing 9/11? Click to rate:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2006

      In a Perfect World...NESARA!

      What was the REAL Reason Behing 9/11?
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      By Arrai'El  CLOUT INDEX
      Aug 31 2006 03:42PM

      My personal ideal is a world where the basics of physical needs are met without want or financial due. Food. Clothing. Shelter.

      No rent. or mortgage. Or leasing. A home built to your liking ...wherever you want. No need to buy food anymore. Its free for the taking. And clothing....yours for the asking. You and your entire family. Physical needs met and satisfied. No more hunger. Homelessness. Or daunting poverty. 

      N.E.S.A.R.A. stands for the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, passed by the Senate in October 2000 and mandated by the World Court in the Hague, where 180 countries signed an agreement to implement its benefits. It was to be announced at 10am on 11th September (9-11) - and you know why it was not. The control center was on the 2nd floor of the World Trade Center...... Their control centre was in "Building 7", which mysteriously collapsed without any comment on the news!

      (If you 'google' NESARA' be aware there are some websites set up solely for the purpose of distrust, disinformation and distraction from the truth. Be wary! If the feelings are ones of doubt, fear and insecurity it is of the dark's tactics to undermine. Remember-the Dark hates Humans! The choice-as always- is yours!)

      It will have far-reaching, beneficial repercussions on lifestyles and international business; includes compensation for bank fraud and illegal "tax" impositions, and the immediate elimination of all personal and business income tax systems. War will cease and the economy will be vastly improved, partly by the redistribution of the world's wealth to the less fortunate.

      Since you are subject to a Capitalist system, money is essential to survive and allow for at least the basic requirements. Greed has become so endemic that that the wealth of the world is in the hands of a very small minority of people. This imbalance causes many of the problems that exist, and since most of the richest families are allied to the Illuminati it will not change. 

      There must be many of you that wonder why if money seems to cause so many problems, there should be talk of re-distributing wealth and releasing funds that would greatly increase the amount available. Evenly distributed, money will bring equality that almost at one stroke will change people's outlook. It will release them from the worries of having to exist on less than is required to live in modest comfort. The economy would be revived and criminal activity become unnecessary that involved monetary matters. It would not be eliminated completely, as the mind set of some people would need time to change.
      In general, a fair distribution of the monies available would set the scene for a society that would quickly overcome their earlier needs. Money hitherto, has emphasized the differences between one to another, and brought about class distinction. Man is inherently a loving soul, and has the capacity for unlimited love and consideration for all members of the Human Race. You will see a dramatic change in outlook once the new monetary systems are in place. The groundwork has been completed,and it only remains to choose the right moment to introduce them.


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