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Women's Travel Jewelry - Boho Chic

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  • stephen.gomes75
    Cheap Jewelry Accessories to Adorn Bohemian Clothing Women s travel jewelry can have inexpensive boho chic. Cheap accessories will give a bit of flash and
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      Cheap Jewelry Accessories to Adorn Bohemian Clothing
      Women's travel jewelry can have inexpensive boho chic. Cheap
      accessories will give a bit of flash and can change plain outfits into
      amazing bohemian styles.

      One way to vacation with elegance, using inexpensive women's jewelry, is
      to go for a boho chic look. Any girl, of any age, including Boomer
      Chicks, can easily load up on these beautiful and cheap accessories,
      which can be used to transform any average, standard, boring, common
      outfit into something with exotic, alluring bohemian style.

      Fashion Costume JewelryWhy should a woman take inexpensive travel
      jewelry on vacation? Because she doesn't want to be a target for
      pickpockets. Because some countries have impoverished desperate people.
      And, because she doesn't want to lose her heirloom jewelry while moving
      from hotel to hotel.
      Boho Chic StyleReal bohemian-style jewelry includes expensive and
      off-beat handmade pieces, like the Diamond in the Rough stack rings at
      Neiman Marcus, but a smart bohemian feeling can be faked without
      diamonds of any kind. Eclectic boho jewelry is always creative and
      beautiful, and will never go out of style. It's like a love affair
      between collectors and artisans.

      Well, in the real world, this same feeling of joy can be approximated by
      layering good jewelry with fakey inexpensive things. Think like a
      gypsy, but don't actually try to look like one (especially near the
      Eiffel Tower).
      Bohemian Style:

      * Not too matched
      * Mix metals as needed
      * Nothing small and ditzy unless it's layered
      * Don't wear boho with preppy clothing
      * Start with one area for focus (neck, ears, wrist)
      * One or two big accent pieces usually work best
      * No peace symbols, kitty kitsch, or juicy jewels (for women over 40
      / 50)
      Boho NecklacesIt is not too difficult to find artsy necklaces. Try
      channeling Armenta, Gerard Yosca, and Janis Joplin.
      Asymmetrical necklaces are not as tricky as symmetrical ones.
      Symmetrical necklaces usually look best when layered. For the record,
      not all of the following jewelry examples can be considered "cheap", but
      they all represent good "value".

      * Ross-Simons.com: Black Onyx Necklace In Vermeil or Floral Enamel
      Pendant Necklace In Vermeil. Either one would be great on the end of a
      longer chain or a leather cord.
      * RichRocksNYC.com: Their wrapped stones are fabulous. Oh heck, all
      their stuff is fabulous.
      * Swarovski.com: Lagoon Air Blue Necklace.


      Bohemian Jewelry - EarringsTry not to match anything to make a set, but
      do try to get a nice similar feeling with the various pieces. And,
      sometimes, one piece of jewelry is all that is needed.

      * Ross-Simons.com: Lotus Blossom Earrings In Vermeil. Dance the
      night away.
      * RichRocksNYC: Gold Crystal Fans. Wear the sun on each ear.
      * Swarovski.com: Litzi Pierced Earrings. Try black earrings with
      sun-bleached hair.
      * MyShape.com: All of the photos are from My Shape. See more dangle
      or chandelier earrings that are substantial but not heavy.
      * SaksFifthAvenue.com: Adriana Orsini Medallion Drop Earrings.
      * FreePeople.com: Big Hoop & Coin Earrings. Big style for few bucks.
      Check out their one of a kind jewelry.
      Fashion Jewelry RingsRings and bracelets seem to be the most difficult
      items to pull off when it comes to fakes or cheapies. It's probably
      easier for friends to stare at fingers than at faces, but look at these
      reasonably-priced beauties:

      * Ross-Simons.com: Italian Coral and Enamel Ring In Vermeil. Just
      imagine wearing this with a white gauze sundress and a healthy tan. The
      Italian Enamel Openwork Floral Ring With Vermeil is very "summer of
      * Ross-Simons.com: 14kt Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Etched Ring.
      This is timeless.
      * SundanceCatalog.com: Pink Carnation Ring. Faceted rose quartz in
      hammered silver.
      Sterling Silver BraceletsThese bracelets are gorgeous. Budget Babes
      should look around for inexpensive knock-offs.

      * Ross-Simons.com: 63 Carat Lemon Quartz Bangle Bracelet In Sterling
      Silver. Wow, is this fabulous? It looks like gorgeous silver from
      Morocco or India. Frugal fashion babes should check out the Set of 7
      Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets.
      * SundanceCatalog.com: Burano Cuff. This won't seem expensive on a
      yacht in the South of France.
      It's better to wear several bracelets on one wrist than to try to
      even it out on two arms. Don't be afraid to mix good silver with copper,
      gold vermeil, plastic ivory, or wooden bangles (or earrings, necklaces,
      rings, and medallions).
      Baby Boomers GenerationFor Boomer Chicks, the foolproof way, to make
      bohemian style look easy, is to pair artistic jewelry with something
      simple, like a cobalt knit dress or a black top and black jeans. On the
      other hand, Boomer Babes have been around long enough to know what
      looks good, so artsy girls (of any age) should find creative ways to
      pile the jewelry on, mix different Boho Rhythms in their clothing, and
      make the whole quilt work like no one else.

      Women's travel jewelry should include an eclectic mix of boho chic
      jewelry. The point is to make everything look like it's a collection
      from one's jet-setting travels. It shouldn't match, but it
      should "go" together in a cohesive artsy vibe. Don't overdo
      it, but don't under do it, either.

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