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Happy Spring

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  • vernice
    My eyesight has been just about the same for several months now. Blind in the left eye and only 20/100 in the right. Still getting the lucentsis shots.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2010
          My eyesight has been just about the same for several months now.  Blind in the left eye and only 20/100 in the right.  Still getting the "lucentsis" shots.      About six months ago the Wyoming State Agency for "visually impaired" started up a meeting group.  First Wednesday of each month.  Attendance ranges from 15-20 all with various eye problems. The leader always tries to have some sort of a program speaker.
          For the past several months I have been having loom problems.   I weave mostly on a 16 shaft 40" AVL.  Once set up it is easier for me to weave on than my other two looms.  Again, my weaving friend came a couple weeks ago and we put on a 20 yard cotton warp.  The previous warp was 25 yards and lasted me about 9 months.  It was a 12 shaft point twill that I just kept repegging various threadings to it.  No longer can I use my favorite warp of 20/2.  This one is 5/2 sleyed at 20epi  20" width..  I was able to thread it to 16 shaft point twill.  (was not easy ...seems as if it.took me forever to get it threaded)
            Now I know I should never this time  have tried that. 16    Another friend checked my threading and sleying.    Lots of threading errors mostly with shafts 14-16., some twisted warp ends and some ends sleyed 3 instead of 2 per dent in a 10 dent reed.  It took me a long time to fix all the erroes  (lack of energy these days.)   Next thing that happened was that the #14 shaft kept coming up all the time.  After much searching I discovered that when I put a new tie in heddle to correct an error on shaft 15  I had tied bottom end on shaft 14 and the top of it to shaft 5.  I know now know  that my next warp has to be only 8 shafts.
          And then when each of these problems happen and I have spent days trying to fix them  I then begin to get strong thoughts that I really should be considering  selling this loom
      This warp will be for dish towels and table toppers. 
          Then today my dobby jammed up.  I have had this  AVL since 1990 and have never had this  happen before.  Still have not been able to get it fixed.  Seems as if one of the dobby bars is stuck behind the roller and I cannot move it back or forward.  Anyone on this list know how to fix this problem?
          This has been a very quiet list this past year.  Am I the only one who is still trying to weave?  Vernice Myers, Cody, Wyoming    vwm@....
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