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Eleanor Best's CD

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  • Vernice
    Subject: Eleanor Best s CD Just wanted to tell you about a new CD I received in the mail yesterday. It is the one that Eleanor Best has made. I love it. So
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2008
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      Subject: Eleanor Best's CD

          Just wanted to tell you about a new CD I received in the mail yesterday.  It is the one that Eleanor Best has made.  I love it.   So many times I have bought a book or CD and been disappointed in them.  This a.m. I have been jumping thru parts of this CD.  It seems to be following her books with well written explanations.  I ordered mine thru Montana Looms in Missoula  .It was $38 + shipping  Patterns are in color.  But maybe you all have her books and would not be interested in her CD.  I do not.
          This one I highly recommend.  It is so easy to find everything on it..  It is titled Books and Wifs by Eleanor Best.  The CD includes, "New Weaves (that are not in her published books), Shadows, Patterns for Weaving I and II (I is for up to 16 and II is for 16-24), Combos for 16-24, Weaving Patterns for Color,  Patternland,  Dictionary of Weaves, Motifs for Weaving, Ideas Textile Designs." 
          The last few I did not open up yet.  As this is one of my better days I want to do a little more weaving on the loom and not just computer weaving  Has anyone in this group worked with this CD yet?.
          Hope you all are having a good day.  It is so darn cold and windy here but no snow.  I don't go out much except for my Physical Therapy.  I have it for one hour 3x week.  Use the senior bus for transportation.  And finally, after waiting over two months, I get to see a neurosurgeon the end of this month..MRI and x-rays show some more problems.   Vernice.
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