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Re: [HelpingHandsandEyes] Time to Get Active

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  • Holly Shaltz
    I was diagnosed with diabetes-related retinopathy 2 1/2 years ago, which after a few months of improvement (I control my diabetes *very* tightly), suddenly
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 20, 2011
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      I was diagnosed with diabetes-related retinopathy
      2 1/2 years ago, which after a few months of
      improvement (I control my diabetes *very*
      tightly), suddenly turned into diabetic macular
      edema. I had a series of injections in the left
      eye, culminating in a vitrectomy in May last year,
      which has reversed the DME. Since then, several
      injection in the right eye, which seems to have
      done the trick as my acuity is slowly improving as
      the edema shrinks.

      Soon after the operation, but not caused by it, I
      developed cranial nerve neuropathy in the right
      eye, making me have double vision. It was quite
      severe at first, keeping me from doing anything
      without a patch over one eye. It improved fairly
      rapidly, then after a couple months stabilized at
      a level which isn't too bad - it's worse when I'm
      tired or have been exercising or have to change
      where I'm focusing frequently, but I can usually
      read without closing an eye, and I can drive if
      I'm not too tired. This hasn't changed in about 8
      months, so looks like I'm stuck with for the
      foreseeable future. Most cases totally go away in
      6 months.

      So, my eye issues aren't that bad - I have been
      hampered more by my recovery from rotator cuff
      surgery last July than by the eyes, in all
      honesty. And looks like the other shoulder will
      need work some time in the next couple years. So
      I'm making the most of my weaving time right now,
      winding warps and stashing them so there's no
      delay between one and the next - I couldn't weave
      for 6 full months last year, so that's all I want
      to do now while I can! <g>

      I have an 8-shaft Schacht floor loom, and I have
      the use (storing it for a friend) of a 16-shaft
      AVL (manual dobby) that I don't really like as the
      dobby skips fairly often and my eyes aren't quite
      up to seeing the mistakes in time to correct them.

      On the Schacht I just took off a set of samples
      for a datebook project our little guild's study
      group is doing - 20/2 white mercerized cotton
      (which went much easier than I expected) in huck
      lace was my contribution - and I finished
      yesterday my guild project for this year - the new
      Michigan Tartan designed by Kati Meek that was
      just approved by our legislature late last year.
      I used cottolin for warp and weft, and wove a
      table runner to be a gift, and a guest towel to
      give my retinologist, not just for saving my sight
      but because he's simply the nicest doctor I've
      ever met. I *think* Kati is on this list? She's
      coming to talk to our guild at our meeting on
      March 30th.

      All in all, my eye issues aren't slowing down my
      weaving yet, and I plan to continue to control my
      diabetes such that I will protect my eyes
      carefully. Being on this list helps me remember
      how well my eyes are doing, as well as reminding
      me that, even if my control doesn't protect my
      eyes forever, I will be able to continue weaving
      far longer than I ever dreamed.

      Holly in Michigan
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