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ACTION Lamas 2011 is ready

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  • Christopher Blackwell
    ACTION Lamas 2011 is ready. ACTION is the official newsletter for Alternate Religions Education Networks ACTION Lamas 2011
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      ACTION Lamas 2011 is ready.

      ACTION is the official newsletter for Alternate Religions Education Networks

      ACTION Lamas 2011

      How to get to all issues of ACTION
      Upper right corner of page.

      Go to the above address and you will have two choices of either pre 2011 or 2011.
      The old issues run the same as before, read on line or send in for a PDF copy. The
      2011 issues you can turn the pages just like a book and print the page or the whole
      issue from on line.

      You can read on line. The online version is in book form with turning pages. You can
      also print it out a page or the whole thing. The controls move to the top of the page
      under the V. Press on it and you have a whole range of controls. You can magnify for people with poor eye and them move the page around with the hand control.

      ACTION Remains free to all who wish the read it.

      Remember to suggest what Wiccans, Witches, Druids, Heathens or magical practitioners that you would like me to interview for next issue. I will need an e-mail contact address for the person to be interviewed and some back ground information about why you think this person is interesting to you. Background information can be a the person's web page. Send you suggestions to me at: http://myrddin@...

      Christopher Blackwell
      Editor of ACTION

      Here is what we have for you this issue.

      Page 2, Article 1
      The Blending and Drumming.
      Interview with Don Two Eagles Waterhawk
      Waterhawk, author,ceremonial drummer, artist and knowledge sharer, discusses the
      effect of his mixed culture and concept of blending, and his views on sharing what
      he knows.

      Page 9 Article 2
      PNC `Clip for the Troops'
      Warriors and Kin
      Interview with Lori Dake
      Lori Drake talks about a new project that she has come up with to help our soldiers
      and their families, Warriors and Kin Blog, and The Pagan Newswire Collective, .

      Page 16 Article 3
      The Goddess School
      Interview of GrannyMoon
      GrannyMoon talks of the school she has founded, what is provided and what is
      involved in running such a school.

      Page 18 Article 4
      Druid and Life
      Interview with Don Davis
      Don discusses his passion for prison ministry and and keeping active despite changes
      in his life.

      Page 23 Article 5
      Beginning Young, then Exploring
      Interview with Grace Mary Perez
      Grace Mary discusses an early start in the Pagan side of her life, Magical study, Wicca,
      and being Catholic.

      Page 29 Article 6
      Prison ministry, New book for
      Pagan prisoners
      Interview with Ashleen O'Gaea
      and Carol Garr
      Ashleen O'Gaea and Carol Garr speak of Pagan prison ministry of Mother Earth Ministries and their new book for people practicing in restricted enviornments: Enchantment Encumbered
      the Study and Practice of Wicca in Restricted Environments

      Page 37 Article 7
      The Path of a Welsh Druid
      Interview with Martin Vaughan-Watkin
      I get to talk with a Welsh Druid about The Order of Ystrad. The Order of Ystrad

      Page 42 Article 8
      Hot Days, Odd Experience, Lamas
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