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Re: [Hartpence2005] Whats Up?

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  • joshua wyrick
    Gable, My original comment wasn t meant to be trash talk. I don t even play football. I actually thought that you guys must have had a home playoff game
    Message 1 of 11 , Oct 16, 2005
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      Gable, My original comment wasn't meant to be trash talk. I don't even play football. I actually thought that you guys must have had a home playoff game somewhere in the past. I'm in our band, which is without a doubt the best in this area. I have preformed in 41 halftime shows so far in my high school career, and 41 times we have blown the other band away. After this year we will be 43-0 (including three playoff games) in my high school career. We also did the pregame show for the Browns vs. Jets game in '04.   
      Now that doesn't mean I don't care about football. I care about the Redmen just the same as I do for my Buckeyes and Browns. I'm completely content with the fact that during my high school career the Redmen won two NOL (Northern Ohio League) titles and went to the playoffs twice. They could still get a NOL title this year if they win out.
      So Gable, I hope you guys go deep into the playoffs, so that you can enjoy your senior year as much as I am enjoying mine.
      Oh and if you want to talk trash...... The Bellevue Redmen made it to the playoffs numerous times in the past 15 years and hold a 23-8-3 overall record against the Clyde Fliers. 
      Hard feelings aside, good luck in the playoffs.
      Josh Wyrick
      P.S. Did you go to tower driving academy in may of '03? If so we were in the same class. 
      And good luck to everyone else in football, band, and any other activity coming up.

      Brian Gable <coolguy06@...> wrote:
      HEY WYRICK  GUESS WHO'S RANKED NUMBER 1 IN THE STATE  THE CLYDE FLIERS BABY..... for D 3 the number one seed lost tonight so were number one... so really you have absolutly no room to talk...... sorry maybe next year for ya..ooh wait your a senior hmm that sucks....... oh and by the way last and this year we have and are going to the playoffs so really you guys had two years we have two years and maybe some more....oh and ill talk to ya in seven weeks....
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      Sent: Friday, October 14, 2005 2:58 PM
      Subject: Re: [Hartpence2005] Whats Up?

      Really Gable? Your first? I find that hard to believe.  We (Bellevue) have had two home playoff games in the past two years.  Not this year though.  Right now our team is 3-4.  They lost last week 21-20 because they attempted a two pt. conversion (intercepted) after scoring with 0:23 left in the game.  Should have played for overtime. 

      Brian Gable <coolguy06@...> wrote:
      yeah metzger you reminded me if we keep winning then we will host a playoff game for the first time in Clyde High Schools history.....
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      Sent: Sunday, October 09, 2005 5:17 PM
      Subject: Re: [Hartpence2005] Whats Up?

      well right now were ranked 4th in the region which means we have a home playoffs spot and if we can won out and maintain this spot then i will be the captain of the first ever westfall fball team to ever host a playoff a game
      so as u can tell i am very excited about this and i hope we do everything we can to be the first team in westfall history to win game 11

      peace out guys
      get at me
      c.ryan metzger

      Brian Gable <coolguy06@...> wrote:
      Hey boys whats up? guess what my team beat the huron tigers this week.... we ended their 22 regular season game winning streak... right now we are ranked first in the SBC.... basically right now we are in the playoffs we just need to keep winning.... how did the rest of you guys do????

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