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Fwd: Dec 6-7 350th Anniversary Celebration of the Flushing Remonstrance

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  • Monty Hart
    Hi All- I wasn t able to make the 350th Anniversary of the Flushing Remonstrance, but I did receive this email from Donna Cartelli, summarizing what happened.
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      Hi All-
      I wasn't able to make the 350th Anniversary of the Flushing Remonstrance, but I did receive this email from Donna Cartelli, summarizing what happened.   There was a file attached of a very lovely hymn that was sung at reception, but it was too large to be emailed to the group.  I'll upload it to the files section and send out a notice.  It is really worth listening to.

      I know that some members of our email group were going to attend.   I hope they had a wonderful time, and perhaps they'll be able to send us an email about their experience.

      Cousin Monty

      Dear All,


      The events of the last two days to celebrate the 350th Anniversary of the Flushing Remonstrance was a rousing success.  About 60 of you were able to be in Flushing for the festivities, and it was a warm welcome indeed.  The people of Flushing, represented by our local, state and federal government leaders were on hand Thursday night for the unveiling of the Flushing Remonstrance thanks to the Queens Library and the Borough President of Queens Helen Marshall. The State Commissioner for Civil Rights told us that religious discrimination is on the rise and the celebration is a sobering reminder of the fragility of right we hold so dear. Bowne descendant and board of trustees member, Penelope Perryman, who heads up our Descendants Committee, gave a wonderful speech in place of president of the board Rosemary Vietor, who unfortunately had to leave early.


      Friday’s luncheon was abuzz with Fields, Thornes, Feakes, Parsalls, Stocktons, Udalls, Griffins, Stuyvestants and Waldrons getting to know one another again!  Samuel Thorne, the only descendant at yesterday’s reception, who was present at the 300th Anniversary celebration 50 years ago came from Massachusetts to be a part of this year’s.  So when you joke about making it to the 400th anniversary, maybe you WILL be in Flushing!!!!


      The luncheon was a gift from the Sheraton LaGuardia East to the descendants for the anniversary. There was press there as well, so be on the look out for articles in the Queens edition of the Daily News, Queens Courier, Queens Chronicle, etc. and others; I’m sure we will have links to these articles on our website in the near future.  Speaking of press—check out the articles from the New York Times on the Bowne House’s recently revamped website www.bownehouse.org   Click on the links under NEWS & EVENTS. 


      Under NEWS & EVENTS you’ll also notice that we have posted the M.A. thesis of Tabetha Garman, which was the basis of the fascinating story she told of the Flushing Remonstrance at the Flushing Quaker Meeting House (1694) after the luncheon yesterday—the Quaker Meeting House opened its historic doors especially for us. It made the celebration that much more special.  After Tabetha’s telling—gripping performance, really—we were transcended by Bowne and Thorne descendants Amanda, Lauren, Melissa, Caroline Mayhew, who sang two lovely hymns, one traditional, and one by THEIR father Brad Mayhew (listen to attached MP3 copy).  Their performance was planned, HOWEVER, we had a spontaneous rendering of Precious Memories by the Oregon Thorne clan led by brothers Lew and Martin Thorne, and Kathy, Lew’s wife; they encouraged the audience to sing the chorus AND WE DID! Lew said they were moved to sing it after walking through the Quaker cemetery. (You can see if your family is buried at the Flushing Quaker cemetery  http://www.nyym.org/flushing/graveyard.html)


      If these past two days tell us anything, it’s that we have to get together more often!  And the next one, cannot be 50 years from now!!  Rosemary Vietor encouraged everyone to definitely come back in 2010 for the reopening of Bowne House—we also will be celebrating 350 years of Bowne House around that time.  Depending on how things go, and what we hear from you, maybe it will be sooner?! 


      The 350th celebration of this monumental distinctly American document has launched the next chapter of Bowne House.  As we are heading into 2008 and the restoration of this unique and phenomenal structure we want to know how grateful we are to all of you for becoming a part of the Bowne House family. 


      Remember, the Bowne House Historical Society, too, is unique.  It’s the only organization that embraces each and every of family which signed the Flushing Remonstrance AND the Stuyvesants, Waldrons, and others who participated in the events surrounding it.  We are all Americans. We are all proud of our heritage. 


      Please keep in touch and pass on this missive to the rest of your family.  We want to hear from them, too.  We want to invite them to be a part of the Bowne House family.


      Please do keep in touch, and visit the revised website.


      Thanks and enjoy your holiday season.

      Donna Cartelli

      Executive Director, Bowne House







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