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Bowne House & Quaker Meeting House Photos on Hart-L

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  • Monty Hart
    Hi Cousin- It has been a while since we had any news at the Hart-L web site. However, I recently received the email below from Bob Singleton. Bob included
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      Hi Cousin-

      It has been a while since we had any news at the Hart-L web site.  However, I recently received the email below from Bob Singleton.  Bob included several photos that he had from the Bowne House and the Quaker Meeting House in Flushing, NY.    I was not aware of the Remonstrance Monument until I received Bob's email.  It appears to contain the text of the Remonstrance along with the signers names at the bottom.    Bob has some excellent suggestions concerning how we might assist in the preservation of our common heritage.  

      You can find the photos by going to the Hart-L web site ;      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Hart-L/
      Click "Sign-In" in the upper right hand corner, enter you username and password, then click on "Files" on the left hand side of the home page.   The photos are listed in the "Bowne & Meeting House Photos" file folder.  

      If you have any trouble accessing the photos, you can email me directly at montyh@... and I'll email them to you.

      Thanks Bob, for your email and for all the great photos.

      Cousin Monty Hart

      Monty, I am sending these to you to try to stir up some interest in the
      dormant Edward Hart website.
      I assume you are familiar with the layout of downtown Flushing. The
      Quaker meeting house (1692) is on Northern Blvd. a half block east of
      Main Street. Bowne House, on Bowne Street, is two blocks east, and a
      half block south from the Meeting House on Northern Blvd.
      The Meeting House I have always believed was part of a larger lot that
      was the location of Edward Hart's home. It is located in one of the
      prime spots in Flushing befitting someone with Edward's background and
      position in the village.
      Bowne House, the oldest home in Queens, is from 1661. The is little
      doubt that Edward walked through its doors. The historical society,
      founded in 1945 when the last Bowne died at the house, has fallen on
      hard times. The society is transferring the title to the house to the
      city. The interior is closed to groups, the contents in storage. Its
      restoration project on hold. They would welcome support from any
      The Remonstrance Monument is on a neglected overgrown portion of the
      It is my hope that these images help Edward Hart descendants formally
      create an association to look into maintaining and disseminating the
      family heritage. When we consider what this remarkable man did, how much
      he has slipped into obscurity, and how little of his past is known, this
      action is long overdue.
      It would be excellent if a delegation of Harts inspected these places
      first hand.
      I also have copies of several documents in his hand that were part of a
      collection (now missing) that the Bownes put together in the nineteenth
      Bob Singleton
      Here is a list of the four photos that Bob sent.  You can find them at
      Top- Back (north side) of Meeting House (facing street)
      Bottom- Front (south side) of Meeting House
      top Bowne House N W Corner
      bottom Bowne N E corner
      observe recent construction
      top Bowne House S E Corner
      Bottom Remonstrance Monument
      top- Cemetery behind Meeting House (burial place of Edward Hart? -
      stones were not used until mid 1700s.
      bottom- Inside Meeting House - bench for elders

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