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2006The FAI FAIL 2008 Show

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  • joe_f_90032
    Oct 15, 2013
      The 2008 diploma text by FAI is a fail that is unjust to the hang gliding community, unjust to the recipient mentioned on the diploma, and hurtful to those who just do not have the time to become aware of the facts.    Open for discussion is the text. 

      One reply: 
      FAI, your text on the JD diploma in part: 

      "early 1960s of the first modern light-weight and portable flexible hang glider, and of the pendulum weight-shift control system. "  
      FALSE. Counter: Not first, as there were many before him.  Sorry, FAI.     See the hang gliding literature on topic before slamming such cement over us. 

      "and taught all its early pilots"  
      FALSE. Counter: There were pilots
      of modern portable flexible hang gliders using pendulum weight-shift control system prior to JD; and JD did not teach them. So, the claim is false. 

      "His invention was exploited ..."  
      FALSE: He had no global mechanical invention. Manufacturers were free to use the establish art of same public domain mechanical arts that preceded JD. It is thus very hurtful and false and unjust for the FAI to foist such untenable statements over hang gliding worlds. Please undo the damage by such false and untenable claims.   It was he JD that exploited the public domain art on topic. The very slam such all gives to manufacturers that exploited the same prior public domain art is an injury to the manufacturers and to the entire public body that held the public domain art. It is some kind of crime to come mid stream and negate the feed waters and overown all those who drink of the feed waters. Zero need for the one project. 

      FAI, you owe many a retraction of the false and untenable. The diploma is mostly full of untenables while it misses the chance to see the person for earned merits. Putting up hurtful claims in a rash race to applaud is something that you may rework. But do your homework.  You have injured the invention space of hang gliding. You have slighted many that are shoved aside by the untenables. You set a an unearned tone and cemented a slighting structure to our history.  You came into hang gliding with your righteous objectives with your narrow tasking often done well, but this kind of wrecking in the 2008 diploma about JD is something to be changed, if you wish to serve well in the diploma sector that plays with firsts and with the important space of mechanical invention. Failure to right the wrongs in this sector (Diploma and Gold Award) may well have impact over the safety space of pilots, as the wrongs place an unearned ripping plain-vanilla focus on one tinkered craft that was not the implied global mechanical invention.   You deliberately dropped out of the revealing conversation just to hug your entrenchment; more manly would be to do the research and come up to professional aviation invention standards and then reword what you might say over JD and others. 
           Help build the matter that you might consider one day as you might rework your stumble that involved GH and JD:  FAI, you are welcome to add to and use any research branching stemming from the Flex-Wing Hang Glider Gold Air Award page.