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If I was on the HAB . . .

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    In the Oct. 16th “Hanford Reach” at http://www.hanford.gov/reach/102300.pdf ... In the 11/15/2000 Tri-Cities Hearld, there is a story which reads, in part,
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      In the Oct. 16th �Hanford Reach� at


      there was a story which read, in part, as follows:

      >ORRs proceeding
      >Commenting on other SNF Project progress, Dave Van Leuven, Fluor Hanford
      >executive vice president in charge of fuel movement, announced that
      >Operational Readiness Reviews performed by the contractor on the Canister
      >Storage Building, the cask transportation sys-tem, the K West Basin fuel
      >handling equipment and the Cold Vacuum Drying facility recently concluded
      >with very few findings. Operational Readiness Reviews by the Department of
      >Energy have begun.

      In the 11/15/2000 Tri-Cities Hearld, there is a story which reads, in part,
      as follows:

      >Before the fuel can be moved, Fluor Hanford and then the Department of
      >Energy must test each procedure, the equipment used and operators'
      >training. All problems must be fixed before Fluor, and later DOE, can
      >approve moving the fuel.
      >Fluor and DOE have tested and approved most steps, said Dave Van Leuven,
      >Fluor executive vice president, and Phil Loscoe, DOE K Basins project
      >One piece of the project -- the Cold Vacuum Drying Facility -- has not been
      >formally tested. At this facility between the K Basins and the underground
      >vault, every speck of moisture is to be sucked from each canister. Then the
      >empty spaces around the fuel inside the canisters are to be filled with
      >Radioactive fuel breaks down water into hydrogen and oxygen, a potentially
      >combustible combination inside a closed container. Helium, an inert gas,
      >does not react with the fuel.
      >The drying facility was finished after completion of the rest of the K
      >Basins project, which delayed training there, Van Leuven said.
      >Consequently, Fluor's formal evaluation of the facility is scheduled to
      >begin late this week and to take three days, he said.

      It is interesting to contrast this by the Defense Nuclear Facility Safety
      Board�s local watchdog�s Oct. 20 weekly report at


      which read, in part, as follows:

      >The contractor Operational Readiness Review (ORR) team terminated the Cold
      >Vacuum Drying Facility (CVDF) ORR on 10/20/00 after concluding that the
      >facility was not ready for operation. This is another example where the
      >adequacy of Fluor Hanford�s management self assessment process is
      >questionable. The contractor ORR team noted the following:
      >* Equipment problems repeatedly resulted in delays leading to a 2 day
      >suspension in the ORR.
      >* Observed procedures were not adequate and most required changes to be
      >* Operations personnel did not demonstrate adequate knowledge of facility
      >processes and systems. Violations of conduct of operations as well as
      >radiological control and occupational safety practices were noted. In
      >addition, weaknesses in general and system specific knowledge were
      >* Emergency preparedness and radiological control programs did not
      >satisfactorily demonstrate their ability to protect the worker and the


      If I was on the HAB, I think I would be asking Dave Van Leuven some
      questions about this - it looks to me that he was being deceptive, at best.

      This makes me wonder what they are going to do with the filled MCOs if the
      CVDF is not ready to receive them. Looks to me like they are trying to meet
      a deadline of moving fuel without having a place to put it.

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