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upcoming travel discounts for RPCVs

HI all, I met with Ken Hill of NPCA last week and he mentioned that they are starting to get ready for the 50th anniversary of Peace Corps. As part of that
Mary Call Blanusa
Jul 22, 2007

Reunite in NOLA and help

I spent some time this weekend with Jennifer Snyder and Tim Gardes up at their beautiful farm, and we got to talking about the reunion. A few possibilities
Oct 26, 2005

Re: Digest Number 5

I concur that Jen's points are very well made. Probably the best thing is to suggest a couple of sites that are cool regardless of the time of year and try to
Christopher Frost
Jun 16, 2005

Re: Digest Number 5

I agree with Jen S' points. My initial reaction was cool idea but it will be hard to a room and more expensive. What about New Orleans but not during Jazz
Mary K. Blanusa
Jun 15, 2005

Re: Digest Number 5

good points ms snyder. i was thinking we could just pick a specific time and place for one specific get together and let everyone decide for themselves where
Jennifer Coffey
Jun 14, 2005

Re: Digest Number 5

Sounds great, though I would imagine that logistics and cost could be prohibitive unless we had a reasonably solid head count to use in making arrangements
Jennifer S
Jun 14, 2005

reunion 2006 - nola jazz fest ?????

i was thinking - wouldn't it be fun to have our reunion at jazz fest next year in new orleans? i mean who doesn't love jazz fest? that would give us almost a
Jun 13, 2005

Re: from Chris and Ramsey

Howdy, Just left Hungary in April. It was good and bad in the rural areas. All of the state institutions (libraries, city halls, bus stops) and churches have
Christopher Frost
May 18, 2005

from Chris and Ramsey

Kedves All! I finally made it on to this group – Ramsey and I send our love and invitations to crash with us anytime you are near új mexiko (no, we don’t
Chris Campbell
May 18, 2005

Where is everyone else?

I sent out messages to a few folks that I haven't been in touch with for years (Mary - all the folks you gave me). They probably don't recognize my email
May 6, 2005

Old timers

Does anyone know if anybody from our group stayed in Hungary or even the region? I met a Geoff from group 2 who is still there running a furniture export
Christopher Frost
May 5, 2005

from amber

After Hungary I got my MPH. In 1998 I worked on my master's thesis in Pakistan and Afghanistan on the topic of landmine injuries. I worked in Kosovo, Albania
May 3, 2005


I thought I already wrote this but who knows where it is in cyberspace. After Hungary I moved to New Orleans to attend graduate school. Studied International
Apr 27, 2005

Jennifer Coffey

After Hungary I went to work in DC for a few years, then applied for grad school. I got my MSW from Berkeley with a focus on gerontology, management and
Apr 25, 2005

Mary Call

Here's my update: After Hungary I went to Brandeis U, outside of Boston for my MA in Sustainable International Development. My second year consisted of field
Mary Call-Blanusa
Apr 25, 2005
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