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5Mary Call

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  • Mary Call-Blanusa
    Apr 25, 2005
      Here's my update:

      After Hungary I went to Brandeis U, outside of Boston for my MA in
      Sustainable International Development.
      My second year consisted of field work which I did in Belgrade, Serbia
      where I worked with a small NGO on a development project for a Roma
      community on the outskirts of the city. While in Belgrade, I met my
      husband, Dragan, who was manager of a Jazz club I frequented.
      I came back to the US, soon followed by Dragan, to live in NJ and work
      in NYC. We got married in 98. Our son Aleksandar was born in 03.
      I currently work for the National Counil on Economic Education on the
      EconomicsInternational program. If you really want to know what I do
      check out www.ncee.net/ei/
      I am looking forward to hearing what everyone is up to.