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  • thepoettrap
    ... On first read of the html, the browser references my script through http protocol. On the second read it references a cached version of my script and no
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 1, 2012
      --- In HTML-on-the-WEB@yahoogroups.com, Thomas Hruska <thruska@...> wrote:
      > On 3/25/2012 4:19 PM, thepoettrap@... wrote:
      > > Hi,
      > > I have put together a petition asking the HTML5 Working Group to give the web community a drop-down navigational menu tag, one that works every time. Surely not too much to ask.
      > > Details @
      > > http://www.oadev.org/html5menu
      > >
      > > Rgds Trap
      > I know I'm at risk of feeding an Internet troll but:
      > This isn't a W3C/HTML5 Working Group issue. This is a browser usability
      > issue. Go contact your browser vendor if you want to see it changed.
      > However, I guarantee you they WON'T change it because it is DESIRABLE
      > behavior when going back to a previous page to make a quick change to a
      > form field prior to submitting it again. 'onchange' is Javascript and
      > your 'select' is outside of a form, therefore rendering it invalid HTML.
      > You can also "fix" this with Javascript - right after the field is
      > defined, force it to be set to a specific value. It will also be
      > completely non-functional if Javascript is disabled (See:
      > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progressive_enhancement). Also, you aren't
      > following ANY Standard, so the whole page is in quirks mode. And you
      > are needlessly using tables and all sorts of outdated, obsoleted
      > constructs on your example page. Here's my warning to you: You'll be
      > laughed out of any serious discussion before you even get started.
      > --
      > Thomas Hruska
      > CubicleSoft President
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      > system for web developers operating in a team environment.
      > An open source CubicleSoft initiative.
      > Your choice of a MIT or LGPL license.
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      On first read of the html, the browser references my script through http protocol. On the second read it references a cached version of my script and no one knows how to turn the cache off. They haven't managed it in over twenty years, despite NUMEROUS requests.

      This is an industry wide issue that has it's roots in the x86 segmentation et al. The intelligent cache is just another one of those concepts that they lost control of at conception.

      You see, it doesn't matter what option I SELECT in the script (I have selected the defaults) the cache will over-ride my instructions on the second read because the cache knows best and I had better not dare to question the cache or I will invoke the bullying, the name calling, the threatened ridicule, the...where was I? Oh yeah...At the risk of...

      Mr President,

      NOTHING you have suggested works.

      I knew it wouldn't because if there was a real answer to this (industry created) problem then a proficient site such as (uk) oddschecker mobile wouldn't be resorting to ugly blank fields in their sub-market listings in an attempt to hack some level of practical functionality. Perhaps they should send a postcard to microsoft?

      If it is not the responsibility of the W3C/HTML5 Working Group to give us a simple drop-down navigational menu facility that works (do I need to say, all of the time?). Then what are they good for?

      Here's a clue for the W3C : javascript is a band aid highlighting a number of the inadequacies in the browser-html specification. Fix ALL of this highlighted inefficiency and force all browsers to comply. IT IS YOUR JOB.

      I have developed product the core data gathering module of which DESIRE5 the retention of user information on a page by page basis.


      I believe, off the top of my head, that I could disable this data retention facility by the inclusion of a single line of code. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I could make this functionality user-optional inside two decades! Don't laugh.

      Any chance of you signing the petition?

      Chadwick St. DSS
      SW1P 2E5
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