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  • Michael Roush
    ... I m no css expert by any means, so maybe there are others on this list who can answer this a bit more eloquently than I can. But, I ll give it a go.
    Message 1 of 18 , Nov 1, 2006
      --- ~Pammies E-Mail~ <web71master@...> wrote:

      > Michael, thank you very much that did indeed work,
      > NOW in order to learn from this I have to ask.....
      > why is your colors number not complete???
      > and also since on this subject maybe you can answer me something I
      > always wondered....

      I'm no css 'expert' by any means, so maybe there are others on this list
      who can answer this a bit more eloquently than I can. But, I'll give it a

      First of all, in the RGB values of colors, when your color value is a set
      of matched pairs (e.g., #336699), you may write them as single values and
      the browser will interpret it the same way. So, instead of #FF9900, you
      can write #F90 and it will work the same way. The savings of time and
      filespace is next-to-nothing, but it's a shorthand habit I've gotten into.

      > 1. on the decoration...is there any thing else to do other than
      > underline???

      Valid values for text-decoration are none, underline, overline,
      line-through, blink, and inherit. They're all pretty self-explanatory,
      except maybe "inherit". "inherit" just means that the text-decoration of
      the parent element is applied. I've heard people talk about this
      property not working so well in some browsers.

      > 2. why are some of yours transparent???

      Probably just personal taste more than anything. If I define a part of a
      style for one kind of anchor (link), I try to define it for the others as
      well. "Transparent" is a color value available in css (unlike html
      methods), and it makes sure that when the background color, for instance,
      of a link is changed to white on a hover that the color is set back to
      "transparent" (letting the background show through) when the hover is

      By the way, the order I had the elements in is important as well. They
      should always be ordered:

      Michael Roush

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