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Re: [HTML-on-the-WEB] Display:none...help!

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  • Michael Roush
    ... (Cover your eyes, Melinda.) I think it s because you are using tables, Susan. Even though the text doesn t display, the broswer still draws an invisible
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2003
      --- susan_bligh <sbligh@...> wrote:

      > Hopefully someone will be able to assist. Please find some of the
      > html code below with the corresponding styles from my style sheet. I
      > did put padding:0 on most of them to ensure there was no padding, but
      > it didn't seem to help.

      (Cover your eyes, Melinda.) I think it's because you are using tables,

      Even though the text doesn't display, the broswer still 'draws an
      invisible line' around the cell. If you're stuck on the table idea, try
      making the cellpadding and cellpacing for the table zero.

      If you're not stuck with the table idea, and are open to a different
      suggestion, why not try an unordered list <ul> and make the menu1, menu2,
      menu3, menu4 items list items <li>? You can nest lists very easily, and
      they are built for the kind of purpose you seem to be wanting. I tend to
      use unordered lists for all my site maps.

      Michael Roush

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