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23255orphan page checker

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  • Scottish2
    Oct 23, 2013
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      I am finishing up a website that I was doing a major over haul of the
      sites 600+ pages. Most are linked in to other pages but there are
      roughly 100 that seem to be orphans. When I was updating it just seemed
      no page linked to them and even the president of the group who did the
      pages originally thinks maybe these might have been one off pages that
      while good to keep on the site is unsure if they were linked in or not
      as the site goes back to the late 90's.

      Is there any easy way short of doing it manually but is there any way to
      determine if a page has links leading to it?

      Like for example lets say I have 3 page A, B & C

      * A is the main page and links into B but not into C
      * B is only linked into A but again not C
      * C might or might not link into A or B or some other page D - Z

      So is there any way to test a site to see if any page links into C that
      way I can determine what pages are linked into and what pages are
      orphans and need a link somewhere on the site linking into them

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