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23246RE: [HTML-on-the-WEB] css font color

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  • Margaret Norkett
    Oct 3, 2013

      Download Color cop


      It says the text is #026ab8





      It will help you identify the colors on the website without looking at the underlying html. If the colors are in a style sheet you wouldn’t necessarily see it in the Firefox


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      Subject: [HTML-on-the-WEB] css font color


      Hello all, I need some input please. I just know some basic html and use dreamweaver to code etc.


      I have a website theme about to replace my old one at:


      My issues are these:

      #1 What color is the text in the categories? 
      #2 What color is the background in the ult_home_top_callout 
      #3 How do I change the name of "New Products" to something else in the home page items 


      I am told I can find this by using chrome or firefox's add on and right click inspect element. Well I thought I had it a few times but no dice. 


      Trying to match some text color to the logo color. Any other input you would have is certainly appreciated. 


      Many thanks, 


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