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Fw: upcoming classes for fall

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  • teresa jara
    I know chris and I are interested in this. I thought I d pass it on to see if any one else might be. ... From: Jerry GEORGE Subject:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2010
      I know chris and I are interested in this. I thought I'd pass it on to see if any one else might be.

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      From: Jerry GEORGE <jcramaik1@...>
      Subject: upcoming classes for fall
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      Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2010, 8:33 PM

      I know you are all champing at the bit to get your fall classes planned.  You're getting this email because you expressed an interest in my writing classes for this year.  I pushed the planning for those classes on the back burner in June because I was taking an intensive writing class for teachers at USC-A.  That class ends this week.
      Before I get further in my planning, I'd like some feedback from you all.  Last year I had three classes on Tuesdays:  Middle School (1-1:50), High School I (2-3:30), and High School II (advanced) (3:30-4:30).  I have considered adding a lower grade or two than middle school.  I'm also considering adding a Worldview/Apologetics (video) course for 11th/12th.  Because of the added classes, I'm going to have to add another day and possibly move a class to another day.  Thursday is the most logical day.  I know some of you want to do the Advantage program which ends at 2 pm on Thursdays.  I also have the co-op to work around.  That meets the first and third Thursdays from 2:30 until 4.
      Here are my questions:
      What classes are you interested in?
      Which date(s)/times would you prefer?
      Do you prefer weekly or every other week for a class younger than 6th?
      At the younger grades, do you need formal grammar instruction with a textbook?
      Do you prefer that the curriculum be exclusively IEW or would you prefer a mix of IEW and more traditional writing instruction?
      If you know of someone I missed or know of someone not included in the bulk email, please feel free to forward or let me know.
      I would like to have a planning meeting with parents and students in early August soon after the Open House, August 3.
      Thank you for your interest in my writing classes.
      Cynthia George

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