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Mom's Night Out

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  • Linda Johnson
    ...will be at Linda Johnson s house this coming Friday (Feb 5).  Does a 6:30 start time work?  You can always show up later, too.   Now for directions.  Do
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      ...will be at Linda Johnson's house this coming Friday (Feb 5).  Does a 6:30 start time work?  You can always show up later, too.
      Now for directions.  Do not assume you can use your GPS or Google maps.  After 3 years our street still isn't on there.  When we leave home, our GPS thinks we are driving out of a cow pasture.
      I'll assume you know where Silver Bluff is.  You drive south on Silver Bluff - past Woodside Plantation, past Beaver Creek development, past the Arabian Horse farm, to Herndon Dairy Road.  (Herndon Dairy is about 4.5 miles from Pine Log, about 1 mile past the entrance to Beaver Creek.)  This interesection is not lighted and is hard to spot in the dark until you are past it.  If you pass a couple of small deserted brick shacks, you just passed Herndon Dairy.
      Turn right on Herndon Dairy and go 0.7 miles to Knollview, a well-lit intersection on your left with a sign that says Crystal Lakes.  Turn left, go 2 short blocks to a T inersection, turn left (you are now on Parkside Dr.) and we are the first house on the corner at 515 Parkside.  Big porch, white columns. 
      Bring yourselves and something to share (I have wine and beer, though.  Always have those.)
      Hope everyone can come!

      From: Christine McKeel <fourmckeels@...>
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      Sent: Sat, January 30, 2010 9:09:43 AM
      Subject: [HSinA] Kickball on Thursdays?!


      Linda and I were discussing the need for some organized play on Thursdays, especially among the boys.  Sometimes their "war games" get out of hand.  Organized games will give us a forum to teach them how to relate to one another in more respectful and caring ways while still having fun.  It will especially help the boys and girls to get to know each other and work together since they segregate themselves so much.  I really think it could help us become a more cohesive group. 

      I was thinking we could organize a kickball game from 12-1 and then have free play from 1 on.  How realistic is it for everyone to arrive close to 12?  

      Given a choice, many of the boys would rather not play any organized games.  We have to decide if we are going to require them to play and we will have to organize and lead the games.  It will be nice to have all ages play together that way kids, like mine, who don't have younger siblings can learn to be patient and careful around the younger ones.  

      I will look for other playground games we can play.  Allison said she could teach them to play four square.  I remember loving that game.

      Chime in with your thoughts so we can reach a consensus.


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