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    Check out the new program for Homeschoolers :) ... From: Aiken County Public Library To: teresajara@bellsouth.net Sent: Wed, August 31,
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      Check out the new program for Homeschoolers :)

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      Aiken County Public Library E-News
      Home School Adventures
      Friday, September 23 @ 10 a.m.
      Aiken Children's Librarian Jennie Beck will present the first of a new hour-long program series designed for home schoolers (2nd grade and up).
      In this session, find  out about the man who created the Wizard of Oz through the picture book biography The Road to Oz: Twists, Turns, Bumps, and Triumphs in the Life of L. Frank Baum by Kathleen Krull.  Explore the art of Oz and do a little creative writing at this new program. 
      SC Bar Legal Program:
      Wills, Estates, and Probate
      Thursday, September 15 @ 7 p.m.
      This popular series introduces and answers questions about common legal issues of importance to everyone. 
      Popcorn and MovieMovie Night:
      The Conspirator (PG-13)
      Tuesday, September 20
      @ 7 p.m.
      Was Mary Surratt, who owned the boarding house where John Wilkes Booth stayed, part of the conspiracy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln?
      Coming in October! 
      Aiken's Wild Read
      The Long Walk
      by Slavomir Rawicz
      The Long WalkNot normally a survival story reader, I have read one story so powerful that shivers still run down my spine every time I spot it on the shelf.  The Long Walk is the story of a Polish officer arrested by the NKVD, tortured and then shipped to Siberia to work in a concentration camp.
      Under the cover of a snow storm, Rawicz and six other men escape the camp.  They decide the shortest escape route to be the more dangerous choice and instead opt to head to British-occupied India over 4,000 miles away.  They battle starvation and enemy patrols through the tundra, starvation and dehydration in the Gobi, and starvation and hypothermia in the Himalayas.  It is a testament to human dignity, resilience and the kindness of strangers that they survive. 
      My favorite part will always be the treatment of a 17-year-old girl who begs to join them on their journey.  Despite the obvious setbacks one so young and vulnerable would naturally bring, the men accept her, and, until her death in the Gobi, treat her with the utmost kindness and respect. 
      Over fifty years have passed since the book was first published.  Throughout that time many people have questioned the story’s veracity.   Some Soviet records contradict Rawicz’s story, while other records show the possibility of another man, and not Rawicz, escaping the camp.  But, whether the tale is true or not, it is a great read and a great survival saga. 
      The Library also has a copy of the movie The Way Back, which is based on The Long Walk.
      Reviewed by Adrienne Mathues,
      Aiken Reference Library Clerk
      Purification Ceremony
      by Mark Sullivan
      Purification CeremonyIf you like survival stories, then you will thoroughly enjoy this grim story of a group of hunters at a remote hunting lodge who become the prey of a ruthless killer.  Will the traditional Native American survival skills learned in her youth by Diana Jackman, named Little Crow by her MicMac grandfather, be enough to evade the hunter?  The relentless suspense and the chillingly realistic descriptions of the snow swamped Canadian wilderness make this book a great read.
      Reviewed by Michael Swan,
      Aiken Library Manager
      Though Not Dead
      by Dana Stabenow
      Though Not DeadThrough 18 Kate Shugak mysteries, no writer since Jack London has done more to put Alaska on the literary map than Alaska native Dana Stabenow.  The primary mystery of this novel is how the disappearance of a religious icon known as “The Sainted Mary” in the 1920s relates to the will of Kate Shugak’s uncle “Old Sam.”  The colorful life story of Old Sam reveals a great deal about the 20th century history of both the Aleut Native American tribe and the state of Alaska.
      Kate's survival in this book relies more on her canine sidekick Mutt, than on her detective boyfriend Jim, who is off investigating a family mystery of his own in California.  I think the book has too many minor characters, but the main characters and the serpentine plot are very interesting. 
      The 19th book in this series A Fatal Thaw is due out in December 2011.
      Reviewed by Michael Swan,
      Aiken Library Manager
      Open Season
      by C.J. Box
      Open SeasonAfter hearing author C.J. Box speak about Cold Wind, his eleventh Joe Pickett novel, at this year’s South Carolina Book Festival in May, and about how his first book Open Season almost did not get published, I was interested enough to put it on my “to read” list.  Box had basically given up on being a novelist, when he found out that his agent in New York had died several years previously.
      Open Season is a great first novel, so I am glad Box got a new, living agent and got published.  His novel Blue Heaven won the Edgar Award for Best Mystery Novel in 2009. If you read Open Season, you will probably figure out who the villain is long before the main character Joe Pickett.  Usually this ruins a mystery novel, but, in this case, it did not matter to me.  There were still other mysteries of why, how, and exactly what crime was committed. 
      Pickett is a relatively young game warden, who, if not naïve, is definitely inexperienced as a detective, so his slowness catching the villain fits his character.  The unusual setting of the rugged Montana wilderness makes the suspenseful story even more interesting.  I’m looking forward to reading more books by C.J. Box!
      Reviewed by Michael Swan,
      Aiken Library Manager
      Summer Reading Wrapup
      Thanks to the Friends of the Aiken County Public Library for funding our fun library events this summer!  We were amazed by the numbers of kids and teens who registered, participated, and completed their reading logs:
      “One World, Many Stories” Program for Kids
      • 577 kids registered with 257 completing their reading logs 
      • 46 events with 2,043 event participants
      "You are Here" Program for Teens
      • 123 teens registered
      • 5 events with 77 event participants
      Click Here to Visit the Wish ListHelp Build Our  Library Materials Collection 
      Your donation to the Wish List on Amazon.com can help offset this year's drastic budget cuts for new materials. Enhance the Library's collection of current fiction, nonfiction books, and feature-film DVDs when you order an item from this program,  established by the Friends of the Aiken County Public Library.
      You will have the opportunity to be the first person to check out the item you donate.  Your gift will also be acknowledged on a bookplate. 
      To view the current Wish List, click on the Wish List button at the Aiken Library website or at the Friends of the Aiken County Public Library website.
      Download Audiobooks, eBooks & Video
      Now Open 24 / 7
      Digital Branch Library

      Click Here to Visit our Blog:ABBE Books & Beyond

      All ABBE Regional Library System libraries will be CLOSED on Monday, September 5 (Labor Day).

      Beginning September 6, new hours of operation are as follows:
      Monday, Wednesday, Friday
      OPEN 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
      Tuesday, Thursday
      OPEN 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
      OPEN 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

      Organic foods are made without the use of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, irradiation, or GMOs.  In 1992, the Organic Trade Association implemented Organic Harvest Month™, a widespread promotion of organic food and agriculture through regional and local events.  
      Organics are more than just food. They include everything from soap to beauty aids to clothing.  The following selection of books are a good starting point for understanding and starting an organic lifestyle:
      A Slice of Organic Life
      by Sheherazade Goldsmith

      Spotlight on Technology

      Disaster Preparedness Links
      The 5.8 earthquake in Virginia and hurricane Irene's activities in August of this year bring home the importance of paying attention to Mother Nature's grumblings and of planning for unexpected possibilities of danger to homes, businesses, vehicles, and lives. 
      The time to educate oneself about where to go for shelter and how to protect home and family is BEFORE disaster happens, especially since lines of communication (such as telephone and Internet) often are unavailable during and following major storms. 
      Databases & Websites button, found near the top of every page on the ABBE website, opens a page with links (connections) to numerous other informative Internet resources. 
      Databases & Websites

      1. Left-Click the Databases & Websites button to open the A to Z Listing of Reference Sites page.

      2. Scroll down the page as necessary to locate the word Disaster Preparedness.

      3. Click on Disaster Preparedness to open the page that lists links related to this topic.  The links appear (in blue lettering), followed by brief descriptions (in black lettering).  
      4. Click on any link title (in blue) to visit that website.  A new window will open to the desired website.
      As of September 2011, links are available from here to the following sites:
      Aiken County Emergency Operations Plan
      The Aiken County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is developed for use by Aiken County Government Officials to ensure mitigation and preparedness, appropriate response, and timely recovery from hazards that may affect Aiken County.
      American Red Cross
      American Red Cross coverage of domestic and international disaster relief.
      FEMA Flood Insurance Library
      The Federal Emergency Management Agency's Flood Insurance Library.
      FEMA Map Service Center
      The Federal Emergency Management Agency's Map Service Center.
      The official site of the National Flood Insurance Program.
      FloodSmart Toolkits
      Levee, map change, and flood outreach toolkits for the public to download.
      Homeland Security
      The Department of Homeland Security provides the coordinated, comprehensive federal response in the event of a terrorist attack, natural disaster or other large-scale emergency.
      SC DNR Flood Mitigation Program
      The SC Department of Natural Resources administers the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and works with South Carolina citizens and communities to minimize losses due to flood conditions. 
      Safely Home
      by Randy Alcorn
      (Susan, New Ellenton Library Manager)
      I Still Dream About You
      by Fannie Flagg
      (Janet, Aiken Reference Librarian)
      Sister Chicks on the Loose
      by Robin Jones Gunn
      (Rhonda, Aiken Circulation Clerk)
      One False Note: The 39 Clues Series, Book 2
      by Gordon Korman
      (Cathy, Aiken Circulation Clerk)
      Super Freakonomics
      by Steven D. Levitt
      (Adrienne, Aiken Reference Clerk)
      Knitting Diaries
      by Debbie Macomber
      (Gail, Johnston Library Manager)
      Butterfly's Daughter
      by Mary Alice Monroe
      (Anu, Aiken Reference Librarian)
      The Reading Promise:
      My Father and the Books We Shared
      by Alice Ozma
      (Michael, Aiken Library Manager)
      Devil Bones
      by Kathy Reichs
      (Carolyn, Aiken Reference Library Clerk)  
      The Devil Colony
      by James Rollins
      (Pamela, Jackson Library Manager)  
      Charleston Architecture and Interiors
      by Susan Sully
      (Karine, Aiken Library Circulation Manager)

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