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2399On call babysitting or childcare?

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  • jenniferobriant
    Jan 7, 2014
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      Hi, my name is Jennifer O'Briant and I'm a midwife apprentice. I used to live in Aiken and homeschool there. I now live in Columbia, SC but I am considering taking clients in the Augusta/Aiken area part time. I have three little ones-girl 8, boy 3, and girl 15 months. The eight year old has school here in town so I would need on-call childcare for just the two little ones. They have two sets of grandparents in Aiken who could come and relieve in case labors ran long or they'd help me with the middle of the night, so I'd need help just for the day. But since babies come whenever they want- the childcare that I'm looking for could be at a moment's notice. Actually, it would be an hour's notice since I live an hour away. I could also use some assistance on some Fridays when we do prenatal visits. This type of schedule could only be suited to a homeschooling family or homeschooling teen. This has worked out great for us in the past in town- flexibility for us, extra cash for them. So if you or anyone you know is interested, please have them call me 803-341-5554. Thank you!