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  • natasha_autumn
    Feb 2, 2012

      I hesitate to be presumptuous, but my first impression of this event "Holistic Approaches to Immune Health [without the use of vaccines]" is skeptical, if not incredulous, especially if what they're claiming is that using certain immune-building foods and supplementation is as effective as vaccines. If anyone does end up going, I'd be curious to hear what is said.

      I understand how the anti-vaccination movement fits within the context of a natural lifestyle that I'm sure many of us embody. My family is health-conscious (we eat organic whole foods, practice yoga, etc.) and we also vaccinate our children. We use a delayed schedule like Linda and we only give them one vaccine at a time, but we do it nonetheless. One reason we decided this was because we were doing a lot of international travel when our first child was born, and the risk of crossing paths with someone from another country who is more likely to be exposed to diseases we consider practically irradiated in the US, was too great. But more than that, I personally feel that those who choose not to vaccine have only been given that option because most everyone else does vaccinate, and I didn't want to be part of that phenomenon of riding coattails. The anti-vaccination movement is creating its own problem in the US because diseases like measles and whooping cough are making a comeback, and children are dying from them.

      When I was looking into vaccinating after my first child was born, I remember reading that the rare adverse neurological reactions documented from vaccines are actually more likely to be a result of the disease itself than from the vaccine. I also read an article in the NYTimes a while back that said the amount of mercury contained in thimerosal (the preservative found in most vaccines) is about the same amount found in a tuna sandwich. That being said, there are often options to get thimerosal-free vaccines which come in individual doses, and I always ask for and opt for this if it's available.

      Also, the famous Wakefield study linking the MMR vaccine to autism, which was published in 1998, was completely retracted and declared false a couple of years ago.

      There are lots of opinions out there, and I think it's important to remember that most of those opinions come from other people's opinions or second-hand information. I mean, how many of us have personally spoken with a bio-chemist or immunologist or virologist who does research on vaccines? That being said, all of our public health organizations (WHO, NIH, CDC, etc.) do encourage vaccinating children, and for my husband and me, that's who we've decided to trust.

      Good luck with your decision!


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      > Just saw this event on Thursday about immunizations on Noble Breads and Grocers on Facebook.
      > http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=s5jc5icab&v=001Ro55SkI4QPZwpmNC_1qj5Eup0nEV914SuD3259U703b1IYupOV77pvDlSMT3k5__UMfx2xOhH5aLa2-BKJgx4aQjsXf-Mgv9kwQReO9bEhComsULfHzOgTrc73Tmy7RhXS6Kbtqnxcx9MsJK8N6EfLlhikJSxdW_LslMnlPREJ2ScVr6ADBGGc4SRZ0TjfUvOe6B2VQXfg-6Nb-skmFcDRnkAqkzPKbT5h3UeoufyJuE7Ifx4DAsxUvMpUcNqnbq0L1MIC_IuCKZp6QloyYz_m0WyiZncgJO3Ex8PwrpWZNDcJVGmB-ieRtHhyiYMh1E-q1eSftrr4SVcSmE8bg28YvQ8S2EPsbt&id=preview
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