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Industry Trends, Video Technology, etc..

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  • Michelle Alba Lim
    Hi Kelly (sorry, this might be your surname, but it s better than saying Hi M coz that would sound like a James Bond line), Industry trends will depend on
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 9, 2005
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      Hi Kelly (sorry, this might be your surname, but it's better than saying "Hi M" coz that would sound like a James Bond line),

      Industry trends will depend on WHERE you are located. For instance, in India, the Philippines, and some other countries, the HOT industry these days is CALL CENTERS although this "bubble" is probably gonna burst in a few years, just like the dot.com industry.

      Video technology is very broad, and I'm not sure which aspect of video technology you're referring to. I know of companies in the forefront of NANOTECHNOLOGY and this is definitely a growth area. On the other hand, I read recently that Sony Corporation is having problems in its HDTV video technology and needs to do a lot of catching up... so it really depends what type of video technology you're looking at.

      I hope this helps.


      mkellyzoo <mkellyzoo@...> wrote:
      Hello everyone,
      I just joined this board and wanted to say hi

      What do you think the new trends are going to be in the recruiting
      industry? Do you think that video technology will take off? Ive been
      contacted by a few companies, and some sound interesting, but I am
      hesitant to sign up for anything without some feedback from others in
      the industry.

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