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In case some R paranorml fans-Dead Perfect -Review- Ihope no spoilers-I'm new .

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  • Stephanie Martin
    I am a fan of both Historicals and Paranormals and In case you guys are like me here we go.. :) As my sister boys would say.. OMG ! I m on chapter 30 of Amanda
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2008
      I am a fan of both Historicals and Paranormals and In case you guys
      are like me here we go.. :)
      As my sister boys would say.."OMG"!
      I'm on chapter 30 of Amanda Ashley's, Dead Perfect.
      I have not read any of her vamps yet, Athough I do have All 11 of her
      Vampire books. She is a perfect example of how I like to read my
      series books. I won't start a series until I have about 4 or 5 of
      them & then, I read them in order. Lately, I just haven't had the
      time due to some hardships in the family..
      But anyway on with my story. I somehow managed to get on a list &
      recieved an ARC of this book in the mail from Kensington Pub. I have
      never been lucky enough to have gotten one. It seems you have to
      either win contests or really know someone to get one. I know I'm
      rambling now, but I don't usually have this kind of time to write.
      When I do my posts they are short sweet and limited to
      maybe a comment on something. Yes, you guys can accuse me of
      lurking. I'm sorry. I get my groups, messages, in the daily
      groupings and I check my mail about once a week. My 465 emails
      needed to be read before my mail bounces back.

      Back to the BOOK ;) Anyway, when I got this book there was in no
      way enough time for me to read all 11 of her books before the release
      date of this book and give a fair review of how it compares to her
      other books but...Because I got this and wanted to tell everyone
      about it, I had to read it out of order. That in of itself is a very
      rare thing for me..... But, to my surprise, I found that it no way
      hinder the story or I found myself lost by not reading her other
      books first. Dead Perfect, really read like it could be a stand
      alone story. Of Course I'll have to go read Dead Sexy and see if
      that changes things and so on :)

      The story begins in October & centers around Ronan & Shannah.
      Shannah is suffering from a deadly illness. She notices Ronan after
      a few late night movies and assumes him a wannabe vamp. Her
      imagination gets carried away and believes Ronans nightly activites
      are a bit odd & starts to follow him around. Even though she really
      doubt vampires exist, this could be a solution for her and she really
      doesn't want to die.

      Ronan is a male romance book author whom uses a female psuedo name
      for his books. He is asked to do book signings and interviews he
      can't do for various reasons. He lives like a hermit until Shannah
      drops into his life. He finds that she could be a solution to his

      I don't know if I've said too much or not enough about this book. I
      could go on and on, but I don't want to ruin it for anyone who is a
      fan. Form the first page I was drawn into their story. I get
      frustrated every time I have to put the book down before I can get to
      the end. They go through so much together. If it's not her health,
      or a tragedy, its a reporter or vampire hunter chasing them around.
      The story also gets extra bonus points for the tension built around
      the love scenes, which will be awesome when & if it finally
      happens.. (Before the end of the book I hope :) )

      When I do get the chance to read, I don't prejudge it or guess up
      how I think it should end. I think that is why I have always enjoyed
      any book that read. When others give reviews and sometimes say
      negative things about how dissapointed they are in a book or an
      author, I often wonder if they really gave it a chance to begin
      with? Did they read the story with an open mind or did they already
      know how they wanted it to end? For me I am loving this book. It
      drew on my emotions and found a tear in my eye a time or two. If I
      have to give it a number I can compare it with Feehans Carpathian
      Series, because it is my absolute Favorite Series of all books: If
      Feehan is a 10 being best, I'd rate Dead Perfect an 8. That score
      could go up if I ever get to finish the last 4 chapters. :)

      I hope this is ok, I'm sorry about the wordyness. With my book was a
      letter that asked if I read it to spread the word. So .....I'm going
      to post this at all my yahoo groups so that you all can say .... "Now
      this is not how you are supposed to do a review." :) If I did
      bad, moderators will you please give me a heads up so I know, that
      way if there is ever a next time, I know how to do it right. Have a
      good day all. Stephanie
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