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Re: It's here! The Roscommon Faerie Tales is Now Available!

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  • nitawick
    [:D] Thanks, Jenn! Hey, here s something for you to do while you are waiting for next Tuesday. Check this out: The new official site for THE ROSCOMMON FAERIE
    Message 1 of 3 , May 31, 2006

      :DThanks, Jenn!  Hey, here's something for you to do while you are waiting for next Tuesday.  Check this out:

      The new official site for THE ROSCOMMON FAERIE TALES is up and running. http://www.inarapress.net/roscommon/index.html

      If you are among the readers who received installment one yesterday, then you'll find lots of info to help you understand the story more fully.

      On the Cast page, you can find out how old Conall and Aisling are and what there names mean.  There is also a list of other characters to give you a hint as to who you might meet in installment two!

      On the Setting page is a map to give you an idea of where Roscommon is located.

      The page for the Gods and Goddesses might be helpful, too.  The story is set in Ireland before Christianity, so unless you are familiar with some of the Celtic dieties, you may not understand some of the references the characters makes.

      Oh, there's some other stuff, too -- like a little note about how all this started.  ;)

      Soon there will be downloads, too!  You'll be able to use the cover art as your computer wallpaper.  WooHoo! 

      And if you are not among those anxiously awaiting installment two, then you are missing the fun!  Order THE ROSCOMMON FAERIE TALES today! https://www.inarapress.com/website/serons/roscommon/index.php



      --- In HRCRomance@yahoogroups.com, "jennontheisland" <jenniferbegley@...> wrote:
      > Congratulations, Nita, on the release of How Faerie Dust is Made!
      > I've read the first episode, and I'm totally hooked! Next Tuesday
      > won't come soon enough!!
      > --- In HRCRomance@yahoogroups.com, "nitawick" author@ wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > Today's the day! Season one of THE ROSCOMMON FAERIE TALES is now
      > > available!
      > >
      > > The reviewers are raving about it! Check my site for all the
      > wonderful
      > > things they've said: www.nitawick.com <http://www.nitawick.com/>
      > >
      > > Order your subscription at:
      > > http://www.inarapress.com/website/serons/roscommon/index.php
      > > <http://www.inarapress.com/website/serons/roscommon/index.php>
      > >
      > > If you don't already have an account with Inara, you'll need to
      > open
      > > one. Remember, this is an online serial. Today, installment one
      > will
      > > be put in your Inara bookshelf. Each week a new installment will
      > be
      > > available to you. The ENTIRE season is one price: $5.50. There
      > are no
      > > additonal fees or charges.
      > >
      > > Once you've ordered and read the first installment, stop by my chat
      > > board (www.nitawick.com <http://www.nitawick.com/> ) or the Inara
      > Press
      > > Reader Realm Forum (https://www.inarapress.com/forum/index.php
      > > <https://www.inarapress.com/forum/index.php> ) and post about it.
      > In
      > > the Reader Realm, look for the section for Roscommon Faerie
      > Tales. Tell
      > > me what you think. Speculate on what you believe will happen
      > next!
      > > Anyone who participates in either forum will be eligible to win a
      > Faerie
      > > Dust Gift set or a subscription to season two!
      > >
      > > Missy
      > >
      > > www.nitawick.com <http://www.nitawick.com/>
      > >

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