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Re: [HRCRomance] Working on my first book and Intro

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  • Candace Clayton
    Jessi, Welcome! I am writing my first novel too! And it is also a historical romance set during the Civil War! Maybe we should compare notes!! LOL! Anyway
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      Welcome!  I am writing my first novel too!  And it is also a historical romance set during the Civil War!  Maybe we should compare notes!!  LOL!  Anyway best wishes!

      Renee Kautz <kautzrenee@...> wrote:
      Hello Jessi. I hope you enjoy the group as much as I do. I was the same way with the emails until I joined this group. I look forward to checking my email everyday knowing I am going to laugh. There are so many interesting and funny people in this group. I hope all is going well with your book and it sounds great so far. I am just one of the devoted readers. Hope to talk to you more.  Renee

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      Hey all!  I'm not sure that I took the time to introduce myself when I joined.  Then again it seems that the only email I really get is from yahoogroups be it about writing, reading or animals of some form or another.  HAHA! 
      But anywho, my name is Jessi Allen and I live in southern IN and have just started on my first ever book.  It's set in Harrisburg, PA at the start of the civil war with a woman coming between two brothers and so far I'm really having fun writing it.  I've incorporated a few steamy scenes that keep me entertained that's for sure.  <G>  Hey if I like reading them surely someone else will ;)  The heroine is an only child of a wealthy family with the hero being an extremely handsome, of course, mystery man.  She is forced to marry him as her father paid him off to cover the fact that she's pregnant with his brothers (the heroes brother) child and the father of the child is off fighting in the war and knows nothing of the pregnancy.  It should be a good read when I'm done and I can't wait to get some input on it once I've gone over it again and again. ;) 
      Anyhow, ya'll have a good day!  I'm having a lot of fun reading all that you guys are posting.  Learn something new every day!

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    • jessirose3
      Yes we should! So far it s a lot of fun that s for sure. I ve been watching every civil war movie I can get my hands on. LOL!
      Message 2 of 5 , Sep 13 11:23 AM
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        Yes we should! So far it's a lot of fun that's for sure. I've been
        watching every civil war movie I can get my hands on. LOL!
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