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Promo: U.K Best selling historical romance now only $0.99 on amazon kindle!

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    The U.K best selling romantic suspense historical, Under the Midnight Sky, is now only $0.99 on Amazon Kindle. It is a story of passion, corruption and
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      The U.K best selling romantic suspense historical, Under the Midnight Sky, is now only $0.99 on Amazon Kindle. It is a story of passion, corruption and betrayal. Check out the five star reviews at the Amazon Kindle page.


      Arthur was once a great swordsman with the world at his feet, but a single defeat has cost him his arm and left him a self-hating and paranoid old man. With debts mounting and no income Arthur is offered a deal that looks too tempting to turn down, but there is a catch. He will be given a new start in exchange for handing his wife over to the men that control the town. Clarissa has stood by her husband's side through the good times and the very hard times, but his self-destructive lifestyle has driven her into the arms of another man. Angel is a wanted by the law and has a desperate lifestyle that is always on the run, but this time he wants Clarissa to go with him. Clarissa is a woman with two hearts. She is torn between a broken man that she once loved and a man that lights up the darkness of her world, but either choice she makes will change her life forever.


      Clarissa looked nervously down both directions of the long street. She had not been forced to go out this late to this part of the town before. It was a hotbed for low lives, thugs and weirdo's. A strong muscular arm reached around her body from behind and reached across her stomach.
      `You don't have to be so worried,' Angel whispered softly in her ear.
      `I am not worried,' she was a bad liar.
      They stepped back into the shadows of the tall three story building and he held her gently from behind. Clarissa found herself melting into his arms. She felt like a teenage girl again. Even the slightest touch from him would send a wave of tingles down her spine. Butterflies fluttered wildly within the pit of her stomach at the feel of his lips pressed up against the curve of her neck. She did something she knew no married woman should have done. Clarissa flicked her beautiful blonde hair to one side and offered him her neck.
      She let out a deep sigh.
      Angel was walking a line of kisses down her neck and across her shoulder.
      `You should leave him,' he whispered.
      `I know,' she admitted.
      `He is a self-destructive drunk that spends more time in the gambling dens and whorehouses then at home with you.'
      Clarissa hated to admit it. `I know, but…'
      `Why do you always say but?' asked Angel.
      `What do you mean?' she looked back over her shoulder at him.
      `You know more than me what Arthur is like,' replied Angel. `But every time we talk about him you always say "But" and end up defending his bad behaviour.'
      `I didn't realise.'
      `Do you love him?'
      `In a way,' she shrugged. `I did love him. I think a part of me will always love him, but I am not in love with the man he is today.'
      `It might sound cruel of me to say,' Angel looked deep into her ocean blue coloured eyes. `It might have been better for him if he had lost his life instead of his arm in that sword fight.'
      `Is it evil if I agree with you?' she asked.
      `No dear,' Angel smiled sympathetically. `Arthur was a great swordsman. He was clever and unique. He thought up training methods, techniques and tactics that some people couldn't even have dreamed of, but he forgot one important lesson. There is always someone stronger. He allowed his success to go to his head and fought too many strong opponents. It was only a matter of time before he got beat.'
      `I just feel so bad for him. He is a broken man.'
      `That is no reason to stay.'
      `I know. I will make a decision soon,' said Clarissa.
      `It must be quick. It won't be long till the police are here searching for me.'
      `I promise to make a decision.'
      `Okay,' Angel smiled. `I just want you to follow your heart and not do what your head says. You are too nice for your own good and if you allow your head to dictate what you do then you will end up nursing Arthur until you are an old and wrinkled lady.'
      `Will you still try to run away with me then?' giggled Clarissa.
      `Would I try to run away with you if you were old and wrinkled? Um...' Angel hesitated in his reply.
      This earned him a slap on the arm.
      `You know I would. I am in love with you Clarissa. I have always been in love with you. Arthur was a friend of my father's. I cannot remember the amount of times I thought up excuses to come over to your house just so I could see you.'
      `Does it bother you that I am older?'
      `No. Age means nothing to me. I am in love with you. I want you to leave this place and start a new life with me.'
      Clarissa reached back and stroked a hand across his cheek.
      `I think I might cry,'
      `That wasn't the reaction I was going for,' remarked Angel.
      Clarissa chuckled.
      She turned to face him.
      `It is a good form of crying. I believe every single word that you say. When I look in your eyes I can see through the windows of your soul that you truly mean every word that lives your lips. I love you too, Angel.' She leaned up towards him. He was so tall that she had to step up onto her tiptoes to reach him. Angel leaned down and met her half way.
      Their lips touched.
      It was a sweet loving and gentle kiss.
      It was a kiss shared between soul mates.
      It quickly turned into something more passionate, as Clarissa opened her mouth and welcomed his tongue inside. The feel of him inside of her mouth was causing tingles to dance throughout her stomach and chest. It was a unique sensation almost as if she was feeling slightly light headed, as if she were floating in mid-air from the power of his kiss. Their tongues danced a private dance until they both pulled back and smiled heart warming smiles at one another.
      `Look,' Angel pointed over her shoulder to the alleyway across the road.
      Arthur had appeared from within the shadows.
      `Where is his sword?' Angel was the first to notice it missing.
      `Oh no…' Clarissa put her hand to her mouth. `He didn't do it did he?'
      `Yes. I think he sold his sword.'
      `Why would he do that?' Clarissa sounded like she was about to cry.
      `It is as I told you. Arthur has got you both into more debt that he can handle.'
      `But why would he sell his sword? Arthur cherishes that sword.'
      `It just confirms what I said. He is in over his head. He must be desperate.'
      Clarissa turned to face Angel and buried her head into his muscular chest. The sight of her broken husband hitting rock bottom was something her innocent mind simply couldn't handle. She knew exactly how bad Arthur's gambling and debt had become, but thinking you know something and truly seeing it was too different things. The idea had become a reality. Her husband had just sold his soul to pay off his debt. How could she leave him now? He needed her more than ever.
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