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JOYFULLY REVIEWED AND RT 2007 - Houston We Are Here! Contest Info!

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    Joyfully Reviewed has been working behind the scenes to bring the excitement and fun of The Romantic Times Conference to readers at home and for those
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      Joyfully Reviewed has been working behind the scenes to bring the excitement and fun of The Romantic Times Conference to readers at home and for those attending RT! We have pounced, begged and other things that we wont mention>:) to get prizes for our Joyfully Reviewed Chatters.  Publishers and Authors, in E-book and Print, have been very generous. You won't believe the books and prizes we have gotten for you all. We even have advanced reader copies of  some of the most anticipated books of the year. Muwhahhahaha. Sit back and relax. The tension is mounting, there is an excitement in the air and you know Joyfully Reviewed has all that you readers want and more.
                                                                                    Joyfully Reviewed's RT 2007 Giveaway Programs 
                                                                                                   JR's RT Egg Hunt

      During the Romantic Times Convention, if you see a Joyfully Reviewed Staff member (Look for Bunny Ears and any other bunny items on our person, such as a Bunny Bracelet, Bunny Hair Scrunchie, Bunny Pin) and tell us the Secret password*

      (located here http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/Chatting_ with_Joyfully_ Reviewed/ database), you will get to pick an Egg from our Basket or Bag. Each egg has a gift certificate to redeem for a Prize from an author!!! Don't be shy, we have these gifts just for you!

                                                                                   JR's Bunny Basket Extravaganza

      We have print books galore! My hotel room looks like bookstore (lol). Authors have generously donated tons of print books for our readers at RT! Sign up at Club RT on Thursday and Friday to win one of our baskets and Enter our drawings at the Big Book Fair on Saturday!
                                           Our List of Participating Authors is like a who's who of the Romance Publishing World

      Lara Adrian

      Erin Aislinn

      Nicole Austin

      Jade Buchanan

      Lucinda Betts

      Shelley Bradley

      Emily Breward

      Alyssa Brooks

      Ann Bruce

      Melinda Barron

      Charlotte "Charlee" Boyett-Compo

      Eden Bradley

      Rhyannon Byrd

      Bianca D’Arc

      Sierra Dafoe

      Lauren Dane

      Lacy Danes

      Genie Davis


      Sylvia Day

      Gia Dawn

      Isabelle Drake

      HelenKay Dimon

      C J England

      Twilight Fantasies

      Christina Fairchild

      Alexis Fleming

      Jacquelyn Frank

      Vicki Gaia

      Jena ’ Galifany

      Cassandra Gold

      Donna Grant

      Patricia Grasso

      Tilly Greene

      Madison Hayes
      Hannah Howell

      Adrienne Kama

      Cassandra Kane

      Pamela Johnson

      Amelia June

      Karen Kelley

      Shelly Laurenston

      Liquid Silver Books

      Susan Lyons

      Susan Mallery

      Cheyenne McCray

      Pamela McIntyre

      Mackenzie McKade

      Sarah McKerrigan

      P J Mellor

      Marliss Melton


      C J Mueller

      Jennifer Mueller

      Terry Odell

      Sharon Page

      Kate Pearce

      Michelle Pillow

      Caridad Pineiro

      Jane Leopold Quinn

      Sherrill Quinn

      Judith Rochelle

      Mandy Roth

      Marie Nicole Ryan


      Tara Scott

      Melissa Schroeder

      EC Sheedy

      Kerrelyn Sparks

      Kris Starr

      Kelley St. John

      Ciana Stone

      Jory Strong

      KallyJo Surbeck

      Torquere Press

      Kimberly Kaye Terry

      Pamela S. Thibodeaux

      Claire Thompson

      Devynn Quinn

      N J Walters

      AlTonya Washington

      Diane Whiteside

      Samantha Winston

      Watch out for the Bunny Ears, if you see one of the Joyfully Reviewed Staff members, say hello. We are going to make your RT experience even better!
      Joy - Owner Joyfully Reviewed.com

      Join Our Chat Group to see what we have for you to win:
      (http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/Chatting_ with_Joyfully_ Reviewed)
      www.myspace.com/ joyfullyreviewed

      See what's free at AOL.com.
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