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FW: Getting to Know The Vampire Family by Krsitin Battestella!

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  • Leigh Wood
    The Vampire Family is Going to Mardi Gras! The Welshires have survived strife and war for 1,000 years, but the one thing these vampires can t stand, is each
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2006
      The Vampire Family is Going to Mardi Gras!
      The Welshires have survived strife and war for 1,000 years, but the one thing these vampires can't stand, is each other.
      About The Vampire Family
      Book 1: Conflict
       Antonio Welshire’s downfall begins as a young man in the British Isles almost 1,000 years ago.  Caught between abuse and poverty, Antonio's ambition leads him to power, and a unique stranger named Mestiphles.
       Antonio's tyranny, however, is contested by Gaston-Antonio’s shrewd and charismatic young rival.  Will Antonio be victorious against the unruly Gaston and gain Mestiphles’ favor?  Or will the battle destroy Antonio and his family?
      Book 2: Pinnacle
       Elizabeth’s new fledgling Jean romances the weary Samantha, and the lovers plan to upset the already shaky 1,000 years of Antonio’s reign.  Mestiphles wants The Masquerade-an annual party held by Antonio to attract unsuspecting guests-to go off smoothly, but Ann and Elizabeth’s escalating tensions also threatened to destroy the family's decadent lifestyle.
      Will Samantha finally be free of her father's rule?  Can Antonio keep his vampire coven on top or will Mestiphles take it all away?
      Book 3: Hunted
       Victoria returns to upset Samantha’s not so perfect life.  The remaining Welshire vampires must form an uneasy alliance to defeat Lilith, an avenger sent by Mestiphles to finish the dysfunctioning Welshire coven once and for all.  Lilith failed Mestiphles in the past and is determined to hunt down the fallen coven one by one to impress him.
      Will the Welshires prevail?  Can Lilith complete Mestiphles’ plans and destroy the Welshires?  Which coven will gain Mestiphles’ favor?
      Even Holy Water can’t save them from each other!
      Where Can You Read More?
                  The first 3 chapters of The Vampire Family are available at For Flying Servants Only…….The Official Website of Kristin Battestella! Visit http://jsnouff.com/kristin for photos, slideshows, news, and more.  Group fans may also like to join The Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/kristinbattestella. Kristin’s novella Blood Type:V is serializing at GothicRevue.com, but fans who join the Yahoo Group can receive the complete edition free!  Sign up for more fun, chats, and free reads!
      About the Author
      Kristin Battestella writes for her hometown newspaper in New Jersey and has been writing science fiction and horror for fifteen years.  She enjoys being at home with her family, collecting records, and creating web pages in her spare time.  Along with various sports articles, online reviews, and fiction work, Kristin's first e-book was published in 2005.  Currently, Kristin has two vampire works out. Blood Type:V is serializing at Gothic Revue, and The Vampire Family will be released by Mardi Gras Publishing in 2007.
      Keep in Touch!
      If you have a group, zine, or website, and would like to advertise The Vampire Family, review a copy, or schedule an event or chat, please feel free to email me!

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