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ADULT X (NC17) and R rated erotic historical and sensual historical romance

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  • lindsaytownsend
    I m thrilled that my erotic historical romance, ESCAPE TO LOVE, is now at mobipocket and fictionwise! You can read it along with my other ancient Roman sensual
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2009
      I'm thrilled that my erotic historical romance, ESCAPE TO LOVE, is
      now at mobipocket and fictionwise!
      You can read it along with my other ancient Roman sensual romance,
      FLAVIA'S SECRET. Details of my books, with excerpts, reviews, buy
      links and bookstore details are on my blog.
      Meanwhile, here's an ADULT excerpt from ESCAPE TO LOVE.
      "Lady Lydia?" Apollonius called again from outside their room.
      "I am showing the slave the plate again," she said, a deep blush
      flooding her face. "The spanking plate."
      "Ah, good!" intoned the philosopher. "Carry on."
      Severus meanwhile had kept his own face straight through this
      exchange. "Ready?" he whispered.
      Finally she nodded and now, as he turned her, placing a cushion
      between himself and her as he guided her face down across his lap,
      she was relaxed, unfearful.
      "In this I am virgin," he muttered, amazed when she offered him
      reassurance, giving his ankle a squeeze.
      "I am not made of pottery, Severus," she whispered. "Let us make a
      show for our listeners."
      Gratified and touched by her courage, he cupped her bottom in his
      "You have a very pretty backside, Lady Lydia," he whispered, hearing
      her breathing quicken with excitement. He was beyond that state
      himself, hence the cushion: her jiggling about on his lap would
      otherwise set him off for sure.
      He patted one pale moon cheek and then the other. "You should show it
      off more, in that gorgeous bathing costume. Preferably, after it's
      been slightly tanned."
      Aware of the listeners outside the door, he slapped her a few
      times, each smack sounding very loud in the still villa. As her hips
      began to rise in answer to his slaps he fell into a fast, staccato
      rhythm, forgetting the guards and everything else as she began to
      moan with fresh arousal, thrusting her hips against his braced thigh.
      Who would have thought it? Perhaps the scholar was right after all.
      He ripped off her tunic and slipped his fingers into her, finding
      her wetter than ever.
      "Lady, I am ready, too," he said softly, gently kneading the hot,
      sweet spots between her legs. "Do you wish?"
      She nodded, scrambling off his lap and casting herself over a
      cushion, presenting her lightly-pinked haunches to him. Suddenly any
      questions about love making face-to-face became impossible. Severus
      tore off his own tunic and positioned himself behind her raised
      bottom and pink, glistening cleft.
      "Suck my fingers," he instructed, his other hand kneading more
      firmly now as he eased one finger then two into her virgin passage.
      He butted the swollen, bulging head of his cock against her tight
      opening and forced himself to be still, afraid of ramming in too
      harshly or of spending his seed outside her. It was so long since he
      had been with a woman.
      Beneath him, Lydia wriggled and backed up against him, trying to
      impale herself on him. He felt a jolt of fierce pleasure at her
      movements and the soft enveloping of her tongue and lips around his
      fingers and it was too much. He plunged into her sweet, hot passage,
      going deep, feeling her open for him, hearing her sharp cry of
      surprise change to a groan of pleasure.
      Here's also a tender excerpt from my sensual Roman historical
      romance, FLAVIA'S SECRET. (Also available at Mobipocket and
      This is a pg13 scene from my historical romance, Flavia's Secret,
      where Flavia and Marcus are together on a Roman dining couch at a
      dinner party of the corrupt Decurion Lucius Maximus.
      One of the hovering slaves leaned down to his mistress on her couch,
      whispering into her ear. The woman giggled and pointed at Flavia.
      `That is no lady, Lucius,' she called out, her perfectly made-up face
      shining with malice. `It's the Lady Valeria's slave girl, whom our
      naughty tribune was not going to introduce.' Was not going to admit
      she was a slave, the woman's eyes said, while her voice
      said, `Perhaps he is ashamed of her.'
      `Indeed not, madam,' said Marcus. `I would never be ashamed of
      He turned and plucked Flavia off her feet, carrying her to the couch
      Lucius Maximus had so grudgingly indicated. He laid her down gently
      and, kicking off his sandals, came beside her.
      The door to the chamber opened again and more slaves filed in,
      carrying platters of food and glass flagons filled with wine.
      `Excellent! Our dinner has arrived, good guests, and all from my own
      kitchens!' cried Lucius Maximus, his sallow features taking on color
      as he savored this moment. `This is where we can really begin the
      Gratified by these arrivals, he hurried amongst the new slaves,
      ordering them where to place each dish on the various low tables.
      Amongst the guests there was a buzz of anticipation and calls for
      napkins and finger bowls.
      Flavia, lying on a Roman couch for the first time in her life, felt
      as though she was in a dream, in a dangerous golden daze. Against her
      breast the couch cushions were soft and her new clothes softer than
      water against her skin. She could hear exclamations of, `Roast goose,
      expensive!' and `Stuffed dates! My favourite!' and she could smell
      all the rich scents of the banquet, but all these things faded to
      nothing against what Marcus made her feel.
      His touch made her tremble. Lying next to him she could feel the
      hairs on his legs, his manhood pressed against her bottom, his breath
      on the back of her neck. He kissed the side of her throat, close to
      the collar of her new gown, and her entire body blazed with
      sensation, all new.
      `Steady,' Marcus murmured. He smiled and put an arm around her
      middle, giving one of her plaits a tug, both a tease and a reminder
      that there were others in the room.
      His warning came just in time. Lying on the couch next to theirs,
      beside the woman who had called Flavia a slave, Lucius Maximus raised
      a silver goblet.
      Details of my books, with excerpts, reviews, buy links and bookstore
      details are on my blog:
      Escape to Love/Flavia's Secret:

      A Knight's Vow:
      Blue Gold:
      A Secret Treasure: award-winning sweet romantic suspense

      Please visit Lindsay's blog at http://lindsaysbookchat.blogspot.com

      Best wishes, Lindsay
      Lindsay Townsend

      A Knight's Vow: http://lindsaysbookchat.blogspot.com/2008/04/knights-
      A Knight's Captive:
      Flavia's Secret:
      Blue Gold:
      A Secret Treasure:
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