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  • Horton, Lise
    Oct 24, 2007
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      A wonderfully quirky idea and I can already tell you have a great sense of humor!
      And as so many of us like to say - we're not "unpubbed", we're "pre-pubbed!".

      Lise Horton
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      > Tell us more about
      what your books and stories are about?

      Thanks, Lisa.

      My very first book (unpubbed) is futuristic, the next five (unpubbed)
      are westerns, so you can see that my brain can't decide where to rest.
      That said, my published book, Faery Special Romances, is 10 romances
      wrapped up in one. Faery Princess Keely is a kindergartner in the
      first one--can you imagine a 5-year-old with wings and magic that
      isn't exactly reliable? Well, she's already matchmaking (think Emma).

      Anyway, each story takes place in a different time and setting.

      1199 England
      1597 England
      1655 Caribbean
      1750 Catskills, NY
      1814 London
      1850 New Orleans
      1880 Dirtwater, Idaho
      1926 Upstate NY
      1968 Homedale, ID
      After the Frozen time, Auburn, WA

      So Keely is matchmaking through the ages, and the last story is her
      own special romance. The stories are connected.

      > And
      the idea of a western paranormal conjured up (pun intended) all
      > sorts of
      fun ideas! Wizards At High Noon?!

      I know! It's just so untapped. I've abandoned westerns because the
      door has been slammed too many times, but this is sooooo calling to
      me. And besides, my daughters always love my books, whether an editor
      buys them or not. lol. So I have a built-in readership of two. No,
      three, because I make my sister read them, too.

      I did write one short story that's a western paranormal. It's in BLUE
      MOON ENCHANTMENT, and the story is called "When Mules Rush In."
      Here's the blurb:

      Do you ever wonder what happened to Merlin, the sorcerer to King
      Arthur? He's back in the Old West, only now he's a crotchety
      matchmaking mule, who's about to get his own romantic come-uppance.

      "The title may be When Mules Rush In, but readers should rush in to
      read this hilariously funny story..." ~~the late Ann Marie Bradley,
      author of "My Hero, My Dad" and "Blue Moon Magic"

      Sheesh, I guess I ran a little wild there. Maybe I oughtta go write
      some more books. :)

      Jacquie Rogers http://www.JacquieR ogers.com
      Faery Special Romances, http://tinyurl. com/22a5e9
      Book video: http://www.veoh. com/videos/ v524952yQd4rgHH
      Royalties donated to Children's Tumor Foundation
      ending neurofibromatosis through research

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