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  • vijayaschartz
    Aug 2, 2010
      After White Tiger, and Red Leopard, Black Jaguar is scheduled for release in November 2010.  Two more books are now in the works in the same series, Blue Lioness (August 2011) and Noah's Ark (April 2012). 
      This is eBook series (print to follow later) is available in Kindle, Nook, Sony, ipad, and all other known formats, from Desert Breeze Publishing, ARe, B&N, Amazon, Sony, etc. More on how to find my books and even where to find substantial discounts at: http://www.vijayaschartz.com
      Welcome to New Earth, where a Human science vessel crashed centuries ago with its cargo of Earth animal samples.  Since then, the descendants of the surviving crew have reversed to a medieval style of life, where large felines have become pets and fight in battle. But many galactic races consider low-tech cultures as cheap labor...
      Book One: WHITE TIGER:

      On the frozen plains of Kassouk, where a few aliens rule a medieval Human world, Tora, Human warrior trained by tigers, seeks her father’s murderer. But what she finds at the point of her sword confuses her. How dare Dragomir, the handsome Mutant, question her bloodline and her loyalties? And could a new enemy control the savage hordes of the fringe?

      Dragomir offers to help, but Humans and Mutants are forbidden to fraternize under penalty of death... Should Tora trust her mind, her instincts, or her heart?

      In the vortex of war, treason and intrigue, among blizzards, avalanches and ambushes, will Tora solve the mystery of her father’s death and unveil the secret of her birth? Can she and Dragomir escape persecutions long enough to save their planet from the invaders and fulfill their destiny?

      Book Two - RED LEOPARD:

      In charge of the Kassouk fortress in the king’s absence, what is Terek to do when a Goddian spacecraft lands in his medieval backyard? The striking woman leading the galactic party is bent on finding a crystal with hyper-conductor properties, and the futile defiance of a tribal chief nicknamed Red Leopard, like the infernal feline that follows him everywhere isn’t going to stop her.

      Terek must defend his people’s freedom, but an old prophecy surfaces, carrying a new threat. When political intrigues, greed, murder and betrayal tip the scales, whom can Galya trust? Her fellow Goddians? The Mutants bred to serve her race? Or her primitive Human enemy?

      Book Three - BLACK JAGUAR (Nov.2010)

      Black Jaguar volunteered to sail away on his brother’s Galleon to get away from his roguish past, and prove his worth as a blood prince. The last thing he expects on this virgin land is tragedy, mind-reading natives, scheming Mutants, or hostile Star People...

      Talina of the Chosen has never seen a foreigner, until destiny brings to her shores a group of baffling strangers who cannot read minds... among them a prince, and the Lost Daughter of the prophecy. She knows her fate is about to change, but the Star People protecting her clan view the outsiders as a threat to their crucial experiment.

      Can Black Jaguar, with his few warriors and felines, simple weapons and Human ingenuity, save Talina and her people from a horrible fate? Can he prevail upon a highly advanced enemy, against impossible odds?

      Each book is a complete novel, but if you are like me and you want to read them all in order to avoid spoilers, you'll want to start with Book One - White Tiger, then book two, Red Leopard, before reading book three: Black Jaguar.

      Hope you enjoy the series.

      Vijaya Schartz
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