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1374Shall We Dance? : )

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  • Linore Rose Burkard
    Apr 1, 2009
      Ladies and Gentlemen,

      May I have the honour of introducing you to the newest
      debutante of my acquaintance?
      'Tis my new book, which is officially "out" today.
      Please meet, The House in Grosvenor Square,
      my second release, which I understand is already diverting and
      amusing a great many people.

      As the pleasure of making your acquaintance is so great,
      Grosvenor Square begs to know (hoping you will forgive her forwardness) if you will honour her with a dance
      at her debut ball. Unfortunately, GS's  company is so exclusive that
      I must warn you only those people willing to pay a small subscription
      fee (which I believe is merely the price of a book!) can hope to share a dance with her.
      (She just whispered into my ear, however, that if you are a blogger, and
      wish to host her for a dance on your blog, you may contact the author--me, that is--
      and arrange a dance at no cost whatsoever.  She merely asks that if
      you choose to host her, that you would also be so good as to post
      a review of how you enjoyed her company to online booksellers.)

      To pay your respects in person, or if you must, sadly, decline the invitation
      you may see this debutante HERE.
      Or, for a thoroughly different ballroom, see her HERE.

      With kindest regards, we remain your most affectionate,
      humble servants, et al,

      and , The House in Grosvenor Square


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