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1013PROMO New Release! Druid Quest by Cornelia Amiri (Medieval Romance)

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  • zorthon2004
    Aug 1 9:54 AM
      Publisher: Awe-struck E-books, Inc.

      Title: DRUID QUEST
      Author: Cornelia Amiri, author of The Vixen Princess, Danger
      is Sweet, The
      Fox Prince, and One Heart, One Way--all Medieval romances
      GENRE: Medieval Romance

      In first century AD Britannia, after burning the oaken groves and the
      druid priest, the cold, cruel Romance move to crush Queen Boudica's
      revolt. The future of the mist covered isle and its brave people rest
      in the hands of two druids whose views are as different as fire and
      ice. Yet they find love together. Arch Druid Rhys is a master of the
      sacred mysteries but a novice in the ways of the heart. Sulwen, a
      sacred druidess, discovers Rhys, the shape shifter, has evoked a
      basic, feral desire in her, only to find the goddess may soon exact
      the unfathomable price of taking him from her. Though their love is
      as potent as their magic, is it strong enough to survive their
      desperate quest?

      Isbn: 978-1-58749-682-0
      Release date: Friday, August 1, 2008
      Formats available: html, pdf, Mobipocket, Palmpilot,
      MSReader, Sony Compatible, Kindle, and pocketpc
      Retail price: 4.99--on special for two weeks
      after release at 4.29!

      Cornelia Amiri's romances are always suspenseful and well-researched
      for the Medieval Age. Please consider posting information about her
      new novel. You are welcome to post information about it on your site,
      pass it along to friends, post it on your favorite listserve, or stop
      by our site: www.awe-struck.net.
      This book is available for review. Please let me know if you prefer
      html or pdf. Thanks for reading and being enthused about e-books!
      Kathryn Struck, Publisher
      The 8th month of 2008 is here! And with it some good romances for you
      to check out at <www.awe-struck.net> Druid's Quest by the popular
      Cornelia Amiri (8/1); Carousel by Barbara Baldwin (8/15); and Maureen
      Mackey's new Regency: Rake's Redemption (8/22). New print versions
      available, too!