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Creating the Pegasus Brigade

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  • Amy
    OK here we go: Web Address: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thepegasusbrigade Title: The Pegasus Brigade Description: This is a new group currently seeking
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2010
      OK here we go:
      Title: The Pegasus Brigade
      Description:  This is a new group currently seeking nonprofit status and is designed for rescues to transport horses across long distances to find new homes. Its purpose is for rescues to network and exchange horses that are in higher demand in certain areas, moving horse breeds from higher concentrated areas to lower concentrated areas thus increasing their chance of adoption. State coordinators, records keepers, transporters, and layover facilities will all be needed. Please join and state your rescue affiliation and location, including your closest major highway. Once 501(c)3 status is achieved, rescues will pay a small yearly membership fee that will be used to fund the organization and create a database of horses currently in rescue that can be exchanged between locations. Pegasus will have no paid employees; it is a volunteer only organization dependant on memberships and donations for support.
      Please join if you can help; no help is too small...we'll all need to work together on this to make it happen.
      Amy in TX
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