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Horses in need and equine events 26 Feb

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  • Brandi Qualset
    Hi everyone, It is late and I am tired, so I am sending this out quick. Horses in need: 1. CA: mustang & grade mare: horses need to be rehomed ASAP/Upper N.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2008
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      Hi everyone,
      It is late and I am tired, so I am sending this out quick.

      Horses in need:

      1.   CA: mustang & grade mare: horses need to be rehomed ASAP/Upper N. Ca

      Posted by: "CWER lists" lists@...   amcross

      Mon Feb 25, 2008 7:01 pm (PST)

      FORWARD: contact info is in the email. we have no data on these 2 horses.

      AnnMarie Cross
      Crosswinds Equine Rescue, Inc.

      If you feel the work we do is important, we hope you'll consider becoming a
      member of CWER at our site, cwer.org . It costs just $25/year (individual),
      includes a variety of great benefits, and is a key source of income for us
      to feed the horses. We have zero salaries -- all funds go to help the

      -----Original Message-----
      From: mustangs-burros4fun@yahoogroups.com
      [mailto:mustangs-burros4fun@yahoogroups.com]On Behalf Of Ginny Freeman
      Sent: Monday, February 25, 2008 7:48 PM
      To: NorCal_Horsetalk@yahoogroups.com; BLM_WHB@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: mustangs-burros4fun@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [mustangs-burros4fun] horses need to be rehomed ASAP/Upper N.

      HORSES NEED HELP ASAP (Upper Northern Calif)


      I am writing you because I have a local problem that I don't quite know how
      to handle.

      A woman about 5 1/2 miles from me has two horses, one a mustang and one a 20
      y/o grade mare. She does not keep her horses contained, and they have
      traveled twice now to my house, down a main highway.

      The first time happened last week. A CHP officer knocked on my door @ 4:30
      a.m. thinking it might be my horses. We corralled them and kept them here
      from Friday morning through Sunday, when the owner finally came to get them.

      She said she can't seem to keep them in their corrals, that the older mare
      is an escape artist. They have 3 feet of snow on the ground and the horses
      keep getting out because they want to graze and have only snow. She stated
      she feeds them, but they are somewhat under weight and the older mare's feet
      are pretty bad. She stated they usually stay up on the mountain and don't

      She said that she has been looking for somebody to take the horses, but
      hasn't been able to find anybody. I have one person who might possibly be
      interested in the older grade mare, but the mustang is unbroke and still
      needs a lot of work. She's somewhat gentle, barely halter broken to lead
      well, but you can get her to go with bucket or hay. You can pick up her
      feet and brush her, and the owner said she's been saddled, but she can't get
      up into the saddle.

      This morning, the two horses are back at my place, having traveled 4 miles
      down this mountain and 1 1/2 miles up the highway to arrive back at my
      place. I'm not sure what time they got here, but my dogs were barking about
      5 or so this morning. My horse trailer is buried in the mud in my pasture,
      so I can't trailer out, but do you have anybody in this area (Eureka,
      McKinleyville, Arcata, or Willow Creek) who can come get this mustang and
      see that she's properly cared for? So far, it's been sheer luck that nobody
      has gotten hurt or killed hitting one of these horses, but it's only a
      matter of time now.

      Sorry this email is so long, but I thought you should have the complete
      picture. Please call me at 530-629-3412 (home) or 707-980-8204 (cell) or
      email me at jamies95573@... (jamies95573 @ yahoo.com).
      I don't usually check the email on
      Verizon, so please use the yahoo email address. Thank you, Jamie Spears

      The mustang is titled. The contact person is: Ed Jackson 530-629-3650 and
      really, really wants to find homes for these animals.


      If you can help these animals, please contact the numbers provided.




      2.  Sweet, well-broke Arabian/Saddlebred mare- FREE- needs home ASAP- KC

      Posted by: "flamefightress" flamefightress@...   flamefightress

      Mon Feb 25, 2008 7:12 pm (PST)

      This wa posted on Kansas City's Craiglsit today (Monday). I do not
      know any more than what the ad says. Please contact the ad owner!
      Looks like a really nice mare! (Osawatamie, KS is located on mid-
      eastern side of state about 45 min - 1 hour southwest of Kansas City,
      She is going got sale barn if not found home soon! :(

      http://kansascity.craigslist.org/grd/585193725.html (has pics)

      "Nina" is a 22 yr old 1/2arab 1/2saddlebred beauty! She has been ridden
      and shown: halter, huntseat, western, driving and has had experience
      with special needs rider/wheelchair. She would make a great 4-H or
      light trail horse. Nina would be perfect for a young girl wanting to
      get her first horse. She's currently in Osawatamie and will be taken to
      a sale barn if I don't find a home quickly! I do not want that to
      happen as that could be very bad! PLEASE CALLL ME IF YOU'RE INTERESTED
      OR HAVE ANY IDEAS. I would love to keep her but I am in a very poor
      financial state. FREE to a good home only.
      For more details and pictures please contact:
      Shannon Moore
      816- 838- 2248 or email sem8168382248@... (sem8168382248 @ yahoo.com)


      3.  Michigan's Largest Rescue Farm Must Find Homes for All by April 25th

      Posted by: "Jeannie" Jeanniespets@...   jeanniespets

      Mon Feb 25, 2008 7:12 pm (PST)

      Highpointe Meadows has rescued thousands of animals and never taken any
      outside monies for their cause, but due to Michigan's failing economy,
      all these loving animals must find good homes. Miniature horses,
      horses, dogs, cats, mules and more must find homes by April 25th of
      this year. Many children have enjoyed the animals on Highpointe Meadows
      farm and loads of sacrifices were made. Please pass the word and say a
      prayer for these precious animals. Good homes are a must. Email for
      address, pictures and stories. Please email for address for story book
      about these wonderful pets called "Happy in Horse Poop: The
      EntreManureal Journey" Donations please for the book. Visitors welcome.

      Please call if you wish...#316-312-6158.


      4.   Re: ):   ...CT

      Posted by: "Beth (:" fatoldfarmwife@...   bethofneer

      Tue Feb 26, 2008 1:56 pm (PST)

      OK...I talked to this woman, the ad sounds bad, but she is good. Has bred,
      isn't anymore, lost her job, so she needs to move a few horses. Her web
      site is... www.thecjranch.com it shows a bunch of the horses for sale. But
      specifically, she would like to sell the mustang, pic coming... gelding,
      sorrel, 5 years, 14.2, she has done some round pen work with him, but he's
      not broke, but he has a good mind. She has permanent papers (?), he is a
      registered mustang. Make an offer.

      I believe the PMU filly is on the web site, she paid $1200 for her, would
      like to get $800, 14.3, QH...good mind.

      The Appy pony is a gelding, 14.1, leopard... $500.

      The well broke Appy is wonderful and great to ride, but very head shy.

      And the palomino mare, has foundered, otherwise a great horse.

      She is will work any kind of deal, doesn't want to take them to auction,
      knows they will go to slaughter. I told her who we were, and she is happy
      to work with anybody who might be interested. NW CT...Glen falls? I think.

      Her addy is on the ad...below.

      Now 501(c)3 federal non profit status!
      You can write us off! .

      -------Original Message-------

      From: Beth (:
      Date: 2/22/2008 11:21:54 AM
      To: NEER board
      Subject: [NewEnglandEquineRescues] ): ...CT

      must sell some horses I have come to the realization that I have too many
      horses, and although my intentions were the best, I just can't keep as many
      as I have. They are not broke and before I send them to the auction, I would
      like to find someone who may be able to use them. I would like to commit to
      someone who will break these horses and use them.
      Email: tshook@... (tshook @ snet.net)Telephone: 860-868-1763 State: Connecticut

      Now 501(c)3 federal non profit status!
      You can write us off! .


      Rescues in need:

      1.  Is there anyone in Maine who is close enough to help Brogan  (Phoenix Equine Rescue) out with the barn situation…even if it is helping move hay out before it collapses…or sharing wisdom on how to save the barn!

      From: NewEnglandEquineRescues@yahoogroups.com
      [mailto:NewEnglandEquineRescues@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Brogan
      Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 7:23 PM
      To: NewEnglandEquineRescues@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [NewEnglandEquineRescues] Our Barn.. :(

      Hi Guys...

      Well what a last few days.... In bridgton maine , we have about 4 feet
      of snow ( with another 12-14 on the way tonight)... because of all that
      snow... our barn is falling down.. at first it was just a rafter in the
      hay loft, we had someone come fix it no biggie... the next day... 8
      more... someone came again.... we had someone shovel the roof... then in
      24 hours.... the support beams are going..... Its getting bad... the
      roof is coming inward towards the center and the outer walls are pushing
      out... so when it goes... the front and back will fall in and the left
      and right wall will fall out .... NOT good... We have been trying to
      move the hay ot, so if anything should happen we can still have our
      supply... but we have SOOO much hay in it... Its chained up now... but
      it wont hold it forever.. Where do we house 5 horses??? that are
      recovering from strangles? We REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY need volunteers to help
      us .... its only me, my stepfather ( the one with the bed ticker) and my
      uncle, with a broken foot..... We've got it chained, but we are
      desperate for people to come and help us ... anyone with handy work
      experience... to help us rebuild walls, and support beams.... the ABC 6
      news was at out place today, and we have a plea coming out on the 6 o
      clock news, for donations and volunteers.... this has already cost us
      SOOOOOO much... before this happened we spent a TON ( wont even say
      because its scary) on trying to fix the house because the SNOW had done
      sooo much damage.... were almost taped out.... its so scary.... the 3 of
      us cant get much done, but if we had a few more... we might be able to
      do something!!!! My mother is willing to cook homemade donuts and
      coffee, fried chicken and all the fixings ( shes an AWARD WINNGNG cook)
      for anyone willing to come...

      If this falls ... we lose it all.... we have NO other shelter for our
      horses... this is our big BRAND NEW barn.... its our main stake...

      I am at a lose.... maybe putting this on the board.. maybe someone can
      help.... Ive don't everything I can to help horses and rescues... but
      right now... were in need of help... we had 3 empty stalls we were going
      to use to pull horses to safety... but this is going to be a huge
      problem.... devastating.... :(

      Heres the link for the news video.... maybe someone around can help

      Sorry if this is drawn out... Im tired... up for 72 hours , staying in
      the barn to make sure everything is holding... to make sure our horses
      are safe.... if we do get 12 inches tonight.. that makes 5 ft....


      You might need to copy and paste it..


      People near Bridgton Maine...HELP...

      Posted by: "Beth" fatoldfarmwife@...   bethofneer

      Tue Feb 26, 2008 1:11 pm (PST)

      Brogan's barn is about to collapse... [:O]

      Something about the warm and cold ground? Heaving...

      If anybody can help...PLEASE DO!!!! They need to shore it up...somehow.

      cowgirl101786@... (cowgirl101786 @ yahoo.com)



      1.  Help Phoenix Rising Horse Rescue with their Nip/Tuck Festival!  What is a Nip/Tuck Festival?  Well it is when the vet comes out and gelds 5 (maybe 6) stud colts and removes the proud flesh from Sarah Beth's leg!   All for the very reasonable price of $500!!  If you would like to help by donating, go to www. freewebs.com/ phoenixrisinghorserescue (remove spaces) or donate by paypal to phoenix.rising.horserescue @ hotmail.com (remove spaces) or you may donate to the vet directly :  Amy Halsey Chambers Veterinary Clinic 200 E. Main St. Chambers, NE 68725 402-482-5760

      2.  The Chey/Annie Project is ongoing until we can get slings put into every rescue!  You can find information on how to help at http:// missyshopeequinerescueresource.freehostia.com/chey.htm (remove spaces)  We just had a $10 donation to the Chey/Annie Project Alabama come through tonight from Benno C!  That puts Alabama up to $297 raised so far!!!  Wonderful job, Alabama!!!


      Congressional info:

      1.  Forwarded by request....

      February 26, 2008

      Wild Horse Folks… 

      For those working on issues of wild horses located on federal lands, where the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burros Act of 1971 does not legally protect wild horse populations, you will be interested in a bill floating around the U.S. House – H.R. 767. I received this alert, as I have an especial interest in feral cats… which would also, as a class, be affected by this legislation… while acknowledging that feral cats are clearly nonnative. Unfortunately, wild horses are also still considered exotic, but Dr. Jay F. Kirkpatrick and I are working to thwart this concept. Our latest article on horses as native will appear in Natural History magazine in May 2008, published by the American Museum of Natural History.

      H.R. 767, the Refuge Ecology Protection, Assistance, and Immediate Response Act, seeks to eradicate "harmful nonnative species" in federal wildlife refuges and adjacent private lands. The broad definition of "harmful nonnative species" could leave literally hundreds of both animal and plant species open to target, including wild horses and feral cats. 

      Go to www.alleycat.org/AntiCruelty/report for the latest developments and possible Action Alerts on H.R. 767 or check with The Library of Congress' Website at http://thomas.loc.gov/. Scroll down to reach the search engine, and type in the bill number. 

      Feel free to crosspost… 


      Patricia M. Fazio, Ph.D., Statewide Coordinator


      607 Eleventh Street #2

      Cody, Wyoming 82414-3064

      Phone: (307) 587-3353

      e-mail: patricia.m.fazio@...


      Equine Events:

      1.   Webinar Date: Thursday, Feb. 28, 2008, 8 - 9 p.m. EDT
      Cost: FREE
      Course details: Go to http://www.TheHorse.com/ViewArticle.aspx?ID=11292 to register for the Webinar.

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      Dear Friends:

      Register for a Free hourlong Webinar on Equine Influenza and learn how to protect your horse from this disease.

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      In "Understanding Equine Influenza" you will learn:

      How horses are infected with the influenza virus;

      What diagnostic tools veterinarians use to detect influenza;

      What protocols are used to treat horses with the disease; and

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      Roberta Dwyer, DVM, a Diplomate in the American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, is a professor in the Department of Veterinary Science at the Gluck Center

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      1.  http://www.9news.com/news/local/article.aspx?storyid=87049

      More animals seized from rescue, charges pending against owner

      WELLINGTON â€" The Larimer County Sheriff's Office and veterinarians from Colorado State University and the Larimer Humane Society executed a search warrant Monday at a horse rescue where animals have been seized before.

      They searched Animal Angels Horse Rescue in Wellington around 10 a.m. While they were there, they sized a calf, a sheep and three goats. The animals are now being housed at the Larimer Humane Society.

      According to the sheriff's office, the rescue owner, Alesha Matchett, has 10 days to post bond for the care and feeding of the animals or they will be sent to foster locations. The bond was set at $1,500.

      Charges of cruelty to animals are pending against Matchett, according to deputies.

      All the 27 animals previously seized from the rescue have all been adopted out to new homes.

      Matchett has been charged with four counts of animal abuse in connection with the pervious seizures, but might face additional charges pending further investigation.

      2.   From: Pam McLeod
      Date: 2/25/2008 9:32:15 PM
      To: NewEnglandEquineRescues@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [NewEnglandEquineRescues] Update on Alton NH horses

      Hi everyone, I just wanted to update you on the horses in Alton. I don't
      receive messages from this group, so please email me directly if you have
      questions or want to help. Many of you have contacted me and I so
      appreciate it!
      The horses are doing well (they are an Arab pony mare and a HUGE Percheron
      mare). They had their feet done, for FREE, on Sunday by Lisa Phelps of
      Hoofwalker Natural Trim of Barnstead, NH. I brought my round pen over so
      they could have daytime turnout, and we've had donations of hay, grain, and
      shavings, enough for 2 weeks. Someone donated a brand new 16-gal heated
      water bucket for their round pen.
      I talked with Cassie's temporary guardian today and Cassie is thrilled that
      the horses are being pampered -- she said it sounded like they were "at a
      spa". I'm sending her some photos of them tonight. The family is still not
      sure what the plans are for the horses, but we don't expect to have them
      here for more than a couple of weeks. A transporter on equinesite.com has
      offered his services, as well, when the time comes.
      Right now, we are in need of monetary donations towards vet work - the
      horses need their Coggins/shots/health certs so that they can travel to
      wherever their new home may be (otherwise, they are in great health). I'm
      going to call vets tomorrow, but there are not many that serve this area --
      I will probably work with TNT Equine of Dover, NH.
      Thanks for your kind words/thoughts, and offers of help. Please visit
      http://www.CaringForCassie.com to see updates on our current donation status
      Cassie posted on the site this morning!

      More update:

      >>>A local family here in Alton, NH was torn apart last week during a domestic violence incident. The mother & father both died in a murder/suicide and the daughter, 11 years old, was injured but is expected to recover physically. The family was active in our community and the community is doing everything we can to help this young lady.

      The family owned two horses, an Arabian and a DraftX, who remain on the property, and I am coordinating care for the horses in conjunction with the Alton PD / Animal Control Officer, and the Victim Advocate. I will be coordinating volunteers to feed, muck, and exercise the horses (we do have plenty of local volunteers, but if you live in Alton and want to help, please let me know).  Like many others, I just want to help this young lady, and this is where I can best focus my efforts.   Please crosspost to New Hampshire related groups … I can be contacted by email at pam@... (pam @ mcleod.name) with any questions<<<


      This is an extremely unfortunate situation...  Cassie has left everything behind, she is now living with a guardian in another town.  Plans are being made to get the horses to her, but in the meantime they are being well taken care of.  Donations for hay/grain/etc can made by calling or stopping by Alton Home & Lumber  603-875-3900 . The store is located at 199 Main St. in Alton, NH. 

      In addition, Cassie needs all new clothes and things...books, toys, Breyers? Gift cards are gladly welcomed, so that Cassie can get what she needs...there is a Barnes and Noble nearby, as well as a Borders, and a Target.  


      Gift cards can be sent to: 


      Box 363

      Alton NH


      Pam feels that just a little note would also be appreciated, so maybe if people even just sent her a nice card??

      Thanks in advance... 



      Now 501(c)3 federal non profit status!    


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