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Re: [On30conspiracy] Yahood - New Photos ..... Gone

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  • Kjb80401@aol.com
    Well,,,,,it wasn t broke so they fixed it. 8
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2008
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      Well,,,,,it wasn't broke so they fixed it. 8<((

      I used "new photos" as my easiest way to see recent postings. Today I had
      to search the entire lengthy photo collection on one site for the photos
      recently posted and had to guess in which album they were placed. Took me ten
      minutes to find them where I used to see them immediately.


      In a message dated 11/1/2008 7:44:11 A.M. Mountain Daylight Time,
      whitewb@... writes:

      Yahoo is at it again. Having reformatted the page that opened for NEW
      PHOTOS, so that you saw the most recent first (a very good thing), they have now
      dispensed with the NEW PHOTO'S feature entirely. Instead, we have NEW
      MESSAGES, just great (stupid beyond belief as far as I see) and have added NEW

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